6 Skills To Look For In An iOS App Developer For Hire

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An iOS developer is one of the most important and attractive jobs there is today. But that doesn’t mean it is the easiest one. There are certain skills that one should look for when hiring an iOS developer. It is also important to use the right platform to hire a developer but what you should focus on at the moment is targeting the right expert skills for your project. 

Of course, it’s normal that if you want to hire someone, you obviously want that someone to have the appropriate skills. Hiring someone to be a developer is a very crucial moment because developers are the driving force in creating a successful and fast mobile app. Now, let’s get into the 6 top skills that are most wanted for iOS development professionals. 

6 Best Skills For An iOS Developer 

1. Swift 

Swift is a programming language that Apple invented to develop their apps. Without this skill, one can’t be an iOS developer. It is Apple’s language for iOS. The developer you would hire must have knowledge of syntax, objective-C interoperability, switch statements, control flow, design guidelines. Apple’s best quality is that it is intuitive itself, and that is why the developer must follow defined guidelines such as: 

● MVC - The Model View Controller shows how the data is stored and presented to a user, and it is important because it makes a distinction between the internal representations of information from the ways the information is presented to the user. 

● Delegate Pattern - Passing information in Cocoa Touch between objects by having one sender and one receiver. 

● Notifications - Another way of passing information, one sender and multiple receivers. 

2. Spatial Reasoning 

To design and develop an app, the developer must have a great sense of 3-D reasoning and make conclusions about objects from limited information. It is the ability to think about objects in three dimensions. These skills are an essential part of science and math in general. It is true that they can be developed by practice, but when hiring a developer it is important that one has at least a basic sense and knowledge of it. Thinking from a user’s point of view is very important. 

3. Apple’s Xcode IDE 

Xcode, together with Cocoa Touch, is used to develop apps for different Apple devices such as iPhone, Mac, iPad, Apple Tv and others. This way, a developer will also have to troubleshoot, run apps and test them in order to be able to build an app that will run fast and without any problems for the user. 

4. UI And UX Design 

It is best to hire an iOS developer that has experience in UI and UX designing because it makes the app work effortlessly. It is about the design of the app, which of course, is very important. It will make the most needed changes for the app design in order to be more attractive for the user. A good designer will make a user-friendly interface that will make it easy for the users to use their complex products. 

5. Grand Central Dispatch 

This is one of the most important skills that an iOS developer must-have because it requires multitasking. GCD makes apps run easily and fast so that multiple tasks can run at the same time without problems. Otherwise, the app will be slow, and this is a huge problem. But if the iOS developer has this skill, he/she will read touch inputs from the user, pull data from the network and do a lot of different things that will run the app fast. 

6. Communication And Problem Solving 

These are soft skills but are as important as the others listed above. You do want an iOS developer that has great communication skills because while working on an app, one must collaborate with other team members and have a sense of teamwork. It is also very important for the developer not just to recognize the problems that occur but also to know how to resolve them. After all, the developer is also a user, so it must think like one in order to provide better results. 


Your iOS developer is crucial in developing the apps for mobile. These are the most important and must-have skills that a developer needs to know in order to be a great iOS developer. When hiring someone for IOS application development, do a thorough view of their skills and see if they have all of the above.

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