4 Reasons For Entrepreneurs To Invest In A Call Center

reasons entrepreneur invest call center

If you are a new business owner literally pulling your company up by its bootstraps, engaging the services of a call center might seem like a luxury you are not yet ready to afford. However, the real question is: can you afford not to? If you are unable to provide the level of service your customers expect, it behooves you to consider investing in call center outsourcing. The rewards may very well outweigh the expense, and could be more affordable than you would expect. 

Call Center Services Provided 

There are four basic umbrellas of service that a call center can offer a business such as yours. These are: 

1. Customer Service 

Excellent customer service is a determination of your overall success; it ensures that you receive orders for revenue-generating products or services, and makes sure that customers are completely satisfied with what they’ve purchased. It’s also highly important in customer retention. Interactions a call center can offer include: 

• After-Hours Services 
• Billing Inquiries 
• Call Overflow 
• Chat 
• Event Registration 
• Order Processing 
• Customer Support

2. Technical Support 

The quality of your technical support greatly impacts the amount of future business you do with a customer. A survey by Bain & Co found that a customer is four times more likely to buy from a competitor if the problem is service-related, vs. price or product-related. Also, the Right Now Customer Experience Impact Report found that 89% of consumers have stopped doing business with a company after a poor tech support experience. When you consider that it is six to seven times more expensive to attract a new customer than to retain an existing one, you see the value of investing in technical support services. 

3. Outbound Call Center 

Many business enterprises are able to save money, while improving customer service, through the use of outbound call center services like: information verification, lead generation, appointment setting, marketing, sales, and post-sales surveys. More and more outbound call center services are being moved overseas, where fair wages are lower and the expense of living is far cheaper. 

4. BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) 

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is an effective strategy for companies looking to enhance productivity by controlling costs, streamlining operations, mitigating risk and fostering transparency. Outsourcing back-office operations is no longer a short-range cost-cutting measure used by manufacturing giants. Constant technological innovations coupled with an increasingly competitive marketplace have prompted organizations both small and large to look at the long-term efficiencies of business process outsourcing. 

The Choice Is Yours For A Call Center Investment

To stay competitive in today’s global economy, more and more businesses are utilizing call centers and telecom tech to elevate performance, improve efficiency, and increase customer satisfaction levels. Striving to meet ongoing operational needs can drain the essential resources needed to achieve strategic and revenue objectives. It is worthwhile to investigate your options today on call center investing.

I hope you enjoyed this article about smart reasons for entrepreneurs to invest in a call center.

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