How To Find A Title Insurance Company That Offers Protection Against Governmental Errors?

how to find title insurance company protecting against governmental errors insurer risk reduction

Title insurance has a lot of virtues and having one safeguards your property against third party claims arising from conflicts of interest. It is highly essential that you find yourself a title insurance company when you invest in a new property. 

The following article will help you to find a local title insurance company as well as the questions you need to ask the service before employing them.

When To Start The Search 

You need a real estate agent to purchase a property. Or it might be the case of a lender prequalifying you for a mortgage. Start searching for a title company when you are choosing the real estate agent. It will ensure you save your time and money in the long run. Make sure that the company specifically offers protection against government errors. 

A title insurance agent will be able to determine the cost of the closing and the insurance based on the price you need to pay for the required home or land. 

How To Search For Such A Service? 

•  The first place search is the phone book as there will be a number of agents, agencies, and companies listed 

•  Check online for insurance agents and agencies in your locality 

•  Ask for recommendations from real estate agents, attorneys and mortgage lenders 

There are a few questions that you need to ask your service provider. Let us have a look at them now, Questions to ask the service 

•  Experience of the firm and years of operation in your area of choice 

•  The parent title insurance company for the seller if it an agent 

•  Is the service related or affiliated to the real estate agent, mortgage lender, home builder or the attorney for your property? 

•  The total fee you need to pay concerning the insurance premiums and miscellaneous charges 

•  Is there any cancellation fee should you choose to select a different service? 

•  How is the closing conducted? 

•  Availability of references and testimonials for the service from previous employers 

About Filing The Claim 

The owner’s policy of the title insurance is to provide the homeowner with a peace of mind about the legal rights to the property. 

If you have any query regarding your rights for the property you should contact your insurance provider immediately. The contract usually has the “terms and conditions” section which lists clear instructions about contacting the title insurer. 

These are the following steps for filing your claim, 

•  Contact the title company, the agent or the attorney used for the purchase of the policy and inquire about the coverage. 

•  You must review the settlement statement CD provided to you at the closing of the purchase of the property. 

•  Charges for closure are usually listed on line 1110 of the standard CD format 

•  While giving notice of a potential claim always include property address, a copy of claim documents received and a brief statement about the matter at hand 

You need to keep in mind that the contact information for the title insurer is usually available in the telephone directories or the internet. So get down to it as soon as possible if you haven’t done one already. Your prompt action counts for every penny.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about how to find a title insurance company that offers protection against governmental errors.

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