Susan Wojcicki Quotes For Entrepreneurial Inspiration

Susan Wojcicki is one of the most powerful women in tech and also one of the wealthiest. She's been an executive with Google since the beginning in 1999 after a stint with Intel and has been the CEO of YouTube since 2014. In the process she's also racked up a net worth of nearly $500 million! Here are some of my favorite motivational business quotes from YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki:

1)  "Opportunities - the good ones - are messy, confusing and hard to recognize. They're risky. They challenge you.”

2)  “I love taking an idea to a prototype and then to a product that millions of people use.”

3)  “Work smart. Get things done. No nonsense. Move fast.”

4)  "Regardless of gender, CEOs are measured by the same criteria - the growth and success of the business."

5)  "We are a consumer company and our success is directly linked to our users trusting us." 

6)  "I'm not very good at following instructions. I prefer to figure out how to do something myself."

7)  "My most radical shift was leaving Intel and joining Google, a small startup at the time, even though I was pregnant."

8)  "People don’t understand the logistics of advertising. To have the ads purchased and run, you need to have a series of products that work together."

9)  "If you can create technology, you can change the world."

10)  "Things are always changing. Part of being successful here is being comfortable with not knowing what's going to happen."

I hope you enjoyed this inspirational quote compilation from YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki.

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