Jessica Alba Quotes

Jessica Alba Quotes

Jessica Alba may have started out as just an actress at a young age, but now she's one of the wealthiest and most influential young female entrepreneurs in the world. While she rarely acts now, Jessica Alba's business The Honest Company is now valued at over $1 Billion and her net worth is over $300 million! 

Here are some of my favorite motivational startup quotes from Honest Company CEO Jessica Alba: 

1)  "You have to be the best of whatever you are."

2)  "I'm all about supporting anyone whose art is also the way they make their living."

3)  "With a business, your whole life is hanging on this thing--people have to love it."

4)  "It's so much better to promote what you love than to bash what you hate."

5)  "My theory is that if you look confident you can pull off anything - even if you have no clue what you're doing."

6)  "I wish I was more educated, but I make do with the tools I was given in life."

7)  "I never just did what people told me. I questioned everything."

8)  "You have to be brutally honest with yourself and understand your strengths and weaknesses."

9)  "Launching products is easy--it's building it, finding the right manufacturers, getting the design right, and all of the marketing that is hard."

10)  "The only way you can measure your success is by reflecting and seeing what you want out of the experience. And the journey is just as much a part of the success you seek out." 

Thank you Jessica Alba for the inspirational business quotes!

I hope you enjoyed this inspirational compilation of quotes from entrepreneur and investor Jessica Alba.

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