Gwyneth Paltrow Quotes

Gwyneth Paltrow Quotes

Gwyneth Paltrow is mostly famous for being an A-List actress in Hollywood but she's also a very successful investor, entrepreneur, and business owner. Gwyneth Paltrow's lifestyle brands like Goop and products like Juice Beauty are worth tens of millions of dollars and she's an influential woman in business. 

Here are some of my favorite inspiring business quotes from Gwyneth Paltrow. 

1)  "If your role is to mentor somebody, what you're essentially doing is taking stock of what you've learned, the mistakes you've made, the successes you've had, and you kind of coalesce them and then you translate them back out." 

2)  "I look for people who have a slightly different perspective and are trying to move the needle a little bit and push boundaries."

3)  "I know who I am, and I own my mistakes. They're my business."

4)  "It is finally when you let go of what people expect you to be and people's perceptions of you that you're able to be the version of yourself that you're supposed to be." 

5)  "I have an amazing team, and we find people who resonate with us, but sometimes our scope is still small because we are a pretty small group and we have so much work to do."

6)  "I do believe that everything happens for a reason. I do think that when something bad happens to someone it's with the purpose of awakening them. I do think there is some force behind that. I don't think there are accidents."

7)  "I've had a very interesting career. I get to do amazing things and work with amazing people and travel and learn languages - things most people don't get the opportunity to do."

8)  "I'm hard on myself, so I'm working on shifting perspective toward self-acceptance, with all my flaws and weaknesses." 

9)  "Sometimes when things you love get really commercial, you end up feeling betrayed by it."

10)  "I say what I think, and I stand behind what I say." 

Thank you Gwyneth Paltrow for all of the motivating quotes!

I hope you enjoyed this inspirational quote compilation from Goop founder and businesswoman Gwyneth Paltrow.

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