Ginni Rometty Quotes

Ginni Rometty Quotes

Ginni Rometty has been one of the most powerful women in business over the last decade. As the President and CEO of IBM, Ginni Rometty is at the forefront of the Women In Tech movement and a large proponent of inclusion and diversity. Rometty has been a motivational figure for women (and men) everywhere. 

Here are some of my favorite motivational quotes from executive Ginni Rometty. 

1)  "I ask everyone’s opinion when they don’t speak up. And then when they have an opinion, I’ll ask others to talk about it."

2)  "You have to stick up for what you believe in. And that, to me, is the biggest thing you can do about driving inclusion."

3)  "I learned to always take on things I’d never done before."

4)  "Your value will be not what you know; it will be what you share."

5)  "The most important thing for any of us to be in our jobs is curious."

6)  "I never think of myself as being a woman CEO of this company. I think of myself as a steward of a great institution."

7)  "Don’t let others define you. Define yourself."

8)  "Someone once told me growth and comfort do not coexist. And I think it’s a really good thing to remember."

9)  "If you’re clear on what you believe, you have a great foundation to go make a market."

10)  "I’ve made lots of mistakes. Probably the worst one – I would say they tie. It’s either when I didn’t move fast enough on something, or I didn’t take a big enough risk."

Thanks Ginni Rometty for the quality quotes for entrepreneurial inspiration!

Ginni Rometty Quote

I hope you enjoyed this compilation of motivational business quotes from IBM CEO Ginni Rometty.

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