The Five Top Things To Do In Hong Kong

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Yes, the beaches and jungles are there in Southeast Asia, but when it comes to city life, East Asia, mainly Hong Kong is where you need to be. Hong Kong has its own look, a very distinct one from the other parts of Asia. So, what are the things to do in HK (Hong Kong) and what else is there to know about it? See for yourself with these Hong Kong Facts.

Hong Kong is extremely popular and has a fan following all around the world, because of tourist hotspots and the destinations on offer. Yes, it is a small collection of Islands, but that doesn't necessarily mean you do not have any choice other than the beach. Here are five fantastic tourist spots that are a must-have in your bucket list. 

Let's have a look: 

Ride The Cable Car 

To reach the very popular and famous Hong Kong Big Buddha you need to enter the Lantau Island. There are a few options to travel to Lantau. You can hike uphill or take a bus. Or you can enjoy a 3.5-mile long cable car ride at the Npong Ping Cable Car. A fair warning, this isn't one of the street cable cars you will find in San Francisco. 

The Temple Street Night Market 

The night market is located in Kowloon, Temple Street. It is the most significant evening market in Hong Kong and filled with the hustle-bustle of various activities. You want to shop for clothes, shoes, CD/DVD and other household items? The night market is a perfect choice. There are several food stalls to enjoy Cantonese cuisine as well. 

Enjoy Your Desserts 

Everyone is in the habit of enjoying desserts after the main course. But, here in Hong Kong, you can kiss goodbye to your rules. The Dessert Kitchen is the most creative when it comes to dessert choices to take precedence over the selection of the main course meal. There are masterpiece desserts like the Blueberry Kiss and authentic treats from all around the world. What is impressive is that the cafĂ© is open at all times. Yes, it is a place where dessert comes first. 

The Chinese Junk Boat 

The traditional Hong Kong junk boat ride will give you the best opportunity to enjoy the scenic view and the skyline of the city during your travels. Head over to Aqua Luna to enjoy the traditional junk boat ride through the Victoria Harbour and enjoy the famous Symphony of Lights show. 

The 10,000 Buddhas Monastery 

In the New Territories areas, at the Po Fook Hill Mountain, the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery is the place to see if you want to make memories of Hong Kong. The temple is a nine-story pagoda with shrines, pavilions, and halls. The only downside is the hike on the hill that you need to make to reach the monastery but it a truly humbling and a spectacular experience. You will get enamored by the Buddha statues instead of feeling the soreness in your legs. 

Time To Travel

These five are a must do when you visit Hong Kong. How many are there in your travel bucket list? Enjoy your trip to HK!

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