8 Inventive Ways To Reduce Travel Costs

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While we have different tastes when it comes to destinations and types of holiday, most people can agree that traveling for leisure is a must. Your budget can allow a limited amount of money for traveling so let’s see what we can do to get the most out of it and afford three budget vacations instead of one luxurious, or traveling abroad instead of staying at a local resort. 

Plan In Advance And Get The Best Offers 

Making an early or a timely inquiry and receiving travel newsletters are a key to finding a good offer. Find out which first and last minute offers are available and book those as they are much cheaper. These Nashville tours offers exist to either ensure a sufficient number of tourists at the very beginning of the season or renting out any rooms left at the last moment before they go to waste. 

Travel During The Off-Season 

Find out when does the season begin and try to avoid the peak of it. Choosing to avoid the peak of the season will first of all save you a lot of time as you won’t have to wait in lines but most of all it will save you money and not only on accommodation. There are many tourist activities, stores, and restaurants available only during the season, so avoiding that period will mean that you get to enjoy a place the same way the locals do and they always end up spending less than holidaymakers. 

Membership Cards & Credit 

Get all of the membership cards you get offered by whichever services you come across. They all have a simple point system which helps you earn discounts and freebies. Hotel Hopping falls under this category as a technique of collecting points with hotel chains and earning free accommodation. This is the only way I would recommend staying in hotels. 

Book Alternative Accommodations 

Avoid staying in hotels but choose reputable hostels instead. Some hostels offer private rooms and are still cheaper than the cheapest hotel rooms. Join a community and be a part of worldwide couch surfing. Depending on your host, this can be a fun experience as you get to know the locals immediately and get their advice on things to do and the ways of getting about. Rent private rooms or book an apartment for a month as they usually end up costing less than the equivalent of staying in a hotel for a week. 

Cook Your Own Meals 

Make sure you have a small kitchen within your accommodation and prepare your own food. Visit local supermarkets and spend the same amounts of money on food the locals do. This will help you avoid eating out and will end up costing you much less. 

Visit A Tourist Information Office 

Wherever you go, visit the tourist information office to see what they have to say. They are always full of helpful advice. Also, you can inquire about free promotional activities you can do to get to know the place better and spend quality time. They usually have handy maps and brochures with coupons for free stuff. 

Choose A Budget-Friendly Destination 

Choose destinations which are generally cheaper seen from your point of view. Certain countries are cheaper to visit than others. For example, if you are in for a typical summer holiday in Europe, the Adriatic coast is more affordable than the Mediterranean coast; a city gateway may be cheaper in Melbourne than in Sydney; Budapest is cheaper than London etc. Also, depending on where you are, some countries such as Vietnam, may be more expensive to get to but they make up for it by making your stay there budget-friendly. The prices of accommodation and other hospitality services are very affordable, particularly if you use hotel hopping to save money and time. 


Depending on where you are from and where you are going to, you have several traveling options. If you are traveling with a group of friends, I suggest going by car. Boats are usually expensive and take a long time, again, depending on your destination. If there is an airport you can easily get to, I suggest checking out their flights and buying a ticket months in advance as it is cheaper that way. Train and bus prices vary from service to service and there is no general rule on which one is better. Once you reach your destination, choose to explore it on foot, rent a bicycle or use local public transportation. Most destinations offer hop on-hop of tours which are very handy as you get a guided tour and a ride from one place to another. 

Frugal Travels

Traveling has been made cheaper and easier for us through various phone applications helping us get the cheapest fuel, accommodation, tickets to events etc. It is up to you now to decide where you would like to go next with the money you have saved. Now it's time to travel!

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I hope you enjoyed this article about inventive ways to reduce your traveling costs and vacation expenses when you're on a budget.

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