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It is a universal truth that older generations just don’t understand the ones that follow them. It is all too easy to look at younger folk and be completely bemused by how they spend their time, their fashion trends, and their whole outlook on life. As you will probably expect, all of this confusion about younger generations can make it incredibly difficult for older entrepreneurs and business owners to come up with marketing campaigns and strategies that can effectively target millennials.

If you have been scratching your head and trying to get into the mindset of a millennial to help you come up with a new marketing campaign, you might want to start all over again and use these handy tips. 

Make It Mobile 

Millennials are addicted to their smartphones and tablet devices, so much so that the majority of the younger generation have completely turned their back on using laptops and desktop computers. You should follow suit with your marketing. If you are still using websites that aren’t mobiles responsive, and you aren’t placing your adverts inside apps, then you might be completely missing the millennials that you are trying to target. So, it is time to rethink your whole marketing and advertising campaign to make sure that you are including plenty of mobile-optimized ads.

Use Popular Bloggers 

If you are on Instagram and Twitter and follow any bloggers, you might notice that they sometimes post about their favorite products. Now, those posts aren’t spontaneous. The chances are that the blogger and the business they promote have an agreement. For instance, the business might be paying to sponsor the post. This is known as influencer marketing and it is becoming hugely important within the business world. And one reason why this is, is because it is a great way to target millennials directly. Lots of twenty-somethings and teenagers now follow certain bloggers. They will read their blog online and will also keep a close eye on them on social media channels. So, as you can see, a lot of people are going to see the sponsored posts. If you team up with a blogger and they agree to sponsor your posts, there will be a lot of millennials out there who will quickly learn about your company.

SEO Needs To Be Focused On Social 

You will no doubt be working on your website’s SEO to ensure that your company site rises up through the list of Google search results. That’s good, but it isn’t enough if you want to target the millennial market. It is important that you start to ensure all of your social media profiles have strong SEO so that any Google searches send traffic to them. Millennials are more interested in a company’s social media than the actual website, so will want to find them first. Just make sure that there is a link to your website on each social media platform, so that people can easily navigate to your site or online store.

Man Your Social Media 

Millennials don’t have a big attention span, so don’t expect them to wait around for hours for a reply to a tweet or Facebook post. They will more than likely try to reach out to you via social channels rather than traditional methods, such as over the phone or via email. And if they do try to contact you on social media platforms but don’t hear back from you, they will probably take their business elsewhere. So, it’s important that you hire a dedicated social media manager who can take control of all of your various profiles and can respond to any tweets, posts, and comments during office hours. 

Speak To The Values Of Millennials 

Even though the younger generation might have different values to you - ones that you don’t fully understand - that’s no excuse for you to ignore them. As a business, you should try and speak to these values and appeal to them. For instance, millennials are really interested in their social identity and ensuring that they spend their money on making memorable moments rather than buying expensive belongings. So, your branding should encapsulate these ideas and beliefs. Once you do start to appeal to these values, you will find that a lot more millennials turn to your company.

Always Be Transparent 

It’s easy to tell when a company isn’t being completely transparent to its customers and clients. And millennials are experts at spotting this. They belong to a generation that has a wealth of information right in their hands - they only have to do a quick Google search to find out anything about anyone and any company. And that means they will be able to find out if you and your company have ever been dishonest and not completely transparent for whatever reason. So, it’s a good idea to have plenty of information up on your website. This should detail information on all your products, including how they are manufactured and tested so millennials can trust that there are no unethical processes and methods used by your company. 

Try To Go Viral 

Millennials love sharing things online. They love viral memes and any social media posts that have been shared multiple times online. So, as you can see, if you are able to create video content and social media content that is extremely shareable, then it will go down very well with all of your millennial customers. They will share your posts very quickly and eventually, they will all go viral and your business’s name will be spread around the web. Just make sure that your posts and content are going viral for all the right reasons!

Be Timely 

Millennials like to keep up to date with current affairs and it has been shown that they respond well to adverts (especially on social media) that are influenced by recent events and upcoming holidays. So, whenever possible, try and ensure that your posts are always timely and have links to things that are happening in the outside world. 


Marketing to Millennials doesn't need to be a challenge, whether you're in your only in your forties, or struggling with mobility but still crushing it in business daily as an octogenarian entrepreneur. Hopefully, all of these tips can help you tap into the millennial market.

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I hope you enjoyed this article about how to market to Millennials even if you are an older or out of touch entrepreneur.

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