8 Twitter Tips To Get The Most Twitter Followers

how to get more twitter followers

Twitter is still a social media marketing powerhouse that you should be utilizing often and proficiently. The rumors of Twitter's demise have been greatly exaggerated and it will continue to boost your business if you use it correctly! Tactical Twitter management will still take you to the top in the world of social media and digital marketing. Take these 8 top tips into account when planning your social selling strategy in the Twittersphere and getting the most Twitter followers.

Twitter Tops Traffic

Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat are all the rage these days, especially with younger social media users. But are they always the most effective platforms for generating actual web traffic and sales? It turns out that boring old Twitter still drives more than 10 times the website traffic than Instagram, TikTok, or Snapchat. Remember that next time someone jokes about you being old, lame, or behind the times for still using Twitter. You can laugh all the way to the bank (figure of speech, I know nobody actually goes to the bank anymore). 

Identity Influencers 

Twitter is a great way to easily identity industry influencers. Just searching for people and lists can work wonders but Twitter also fuels helpful websites like Onalytica, Klear, Klout, and Agilience. I'll even check Twopcharts or similar programs to more accurately gauge an Influencer's following on Twitter. 

Twitter tools are also very important when it comes to analyzing your followers, who you are following, hashtags, tweets, and other relevant variables. While Tweepi was used by many accounts years ago and is still used to a lesser extent today, you should read this Tweepi review to learn about a more effective alternative for your Twitter account management. 

That all being said, there is no substitute for really knowing your target industry when it comes to identifying and leveraging true Influencers that can provide you with a strong ROI.

Take The Time To Create A Quality Profile

Your Twitter.com profile is very important but it should be a relatively quick process compared to your tweets, retweets, replies, and other engagement. There are some basics necessary for a good profile. 

- Professional and/or unique high resolution profile picture 
- Unique and high resolution header image 
- Link to your primary website or main social media page 
- Location or related information in that section 
- Profile description rich in keywords, accurate but enticing information, hashtags if needed, and secondary links / usernames on another social networks. 

Not all of these apply or there may not be room for all of these but the more of these you can include the better it will be for you most likely. - It is also useful to include a link to your Periscope account (which is visible on desktop version and doesn’t count as your main link) and to pin a very important tweet to the top of your account. From there it is all about creating great content, growing your brand, and engaging with other relevant accounts. This will allow you to get the most Twitter followers and more high-quality followers.

To Follow Or Not To Follow? That Is The Question

While it can come across as spammy, following multiple accounts and later unfollowing those that don't follow back can drive some new followers, likes, retweets, engagement, and website traffic to your online business. This is a gray area in the Twitter's terms of service to say the least and overall I wouldn't advise engaging in this practice or using automated programs to do so. 

But some people do encourage it in some cases, and advise you to follow the Twitter followers of your peers or business rivals. This way you can get new followers that might be interested in the content you are posting. On Twitter it can be especially useful because the number of accounts you're allowed to follow is restricted to 5,000 until you reach at least 4,500 followers yourself. Once you get beyond that 5,000 follower mark, you can only follow about 110% of the number of users that follow your own account going forward. 

As one marketer was overhead saying at the recent Inbound marketing conference, "you follow X people and Y people follow you back". It is not pretty or popular anymore and isn't supported by Twitter's terms and conditions but it can still work, so work your Twitter Follower : Following ratio the best you can.  

If you have the time for tedious tapping and want to take this risk, you can follow up to around 800-1,000 new accounts per day. You can also unfollow accounts manually. Numbers and lengths of time could vary based on the number of followers you have, length of time you’ve had your account, spam / abuse reports against your account, and other factors. A lot of unfollowing and/or automation programs on Twitter have been weakened or shut down lately in an effort to improve the average user experience. I'd avoid paying for these services and be cautious in using any free platform that offers these services. You could be risking an account lock, suspension, or complete removal.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousands Words

Now we have 280 characters instead of 140, but you still need to include visuals in your tweets to make sure they stand out! That is just common knowledge at this point. But where do you get this media without infringing on the digital property of others? There are some great license-free and attribution free websites like Pixabay, Pexels, and Canva that offer thousands of free images for all industries. Edit the pictures as needed and make an impression on your followers!

Massive Motivation

Twitter users provide some excellent motivation for all industries. I'd say just as much or more than Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. If you're looking for some great marketing masterminds (besides @MikeSchiemer of course), I get inspiration from the accounts of Gary Vaynerchuk, Neil Patel, Rand Fishkin and Larry Kim just to name a few.

Don't Feed The Trolls

Everyone gets criticized on Twitter, including successful marketers and businesses. It's something that is inevitable and you just need to get some thicker skin. Just remember not to feed the trolls, it usually makes them stronger! Responding to a legitimate complaint or problem is one thing and you should respond quickly and professionally to make it right. But if the negative comments are subjective, without merit, spammy, or abusive then don't get in a social media fight that will amplify the issue. It will usually just make things worse and it's often a waste of time and energy.

Know Your Followers

When it comes to mastering Twitter, it pays off to know your followers and your target followers. When you understand their demographics and user behavior, you can increase the chances of getting valuable engagement like favorites, retweets, and a better follower twitter following : follower ratio. 

When you know more information about your Twitter followers, you can cater your tweets and engagements accordingly. You can also choose to unfollow or follow accounts to improve your efforts and get the most Twitter followers possible. 

Knowing is half the battle! Tools like Twitter Analytics and HootSuite are great for improving your tweeting. 

Tweet Triumphantly

Twitter is not dead yet! I love utilizing all social networks for B2B and B2C marketing efforts but Twitter might be my favorite. This is in part because it's been underrated over the last several years with the popularity of Instagram and Snapchat. Unlike those two platforms, Twitter generates a significant amount of website traffic and social signals for SEO purposes. To maximize total reach and website traffic generation on Twitter, it's often advisable to tweet every hour, attach a video or image, and use hashtags. This will help prevent your tweets from getting lost in the shuffle of user feeds. 

Get More Twitter Followers Today

The tactic of tweeting every hour with media and hashtags included drives hundreds, if not thousands, of website views to my business pages daily and at no cost. It's generated advertising revenue, initiated partnerships, improved website search rankings, and most importantly generated sales.

Take these tremendous top Twitter tips to the bank today and get the most Twitter followers possible! Top your Twitter following count today with these tremendous tips.

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I hope you enjoyed this article about Twitter tips to get the most Twitter followers while helping your social selling strategy.

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