3 Reasons Why You Are Doing Content Marketing Wrong

Content Marketing was once seen as a novelty; a fun way to give a voice, color and personality to a faceless business. Now, it is a ubiquitous part of 21st century business. Nearly 94% of brands use some form of content marketing to engage with potential clients and other businesses. They should all be reaping the rewards, right? Wrong! You see, content marketing isn’t a tick in a box. As with most things, it is not enough to merely do it, you need to do it well. This means that you dedicate significant resources to the regular creation of engaging and interesting content, and finding new ways to get people to engage with your content.

If your content marketing strategy isn’t paying off as you hoped it might, it may be because… 

You Don’t Have An App 

I can hear you saying it now. “Why would I need an app?” I already have a website! A website is great and all, but the future lies in mobile apps. You may think that your business doesn’t need an app due to its nature, but you would be astonished at how easily your business can benefit from its own app. 

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As well as serving as a platform for your content, it can allow you to engage your customers with highly targeted marketing via push notifications and engender consumer loyalty by enabling them to access exclusive offers and content via the app. Merely having a presence on the iOS and Android app stores means that millions of people will be engaging with your brand who would otherwise be oblivious to your existence. 

Your Content Is Vague / Generic / Boring 

If you think that simply generating content is all you need to do, think again! It is all too tempting to outsource your content to a cheap overseas provider, but this will most likely generate bland and uninteresting copy that isn’t intrinsically tied to your business, your products and your mission statement. If you are going to outsource your content, entrust it to a provider that will take the time to get to know your business and produce relevant content. Of course there is no substitute for the personal touch, so be sure to add content of your own as often as you are able. Ideally, you should have someone on your payroll whose sole task is to generate copy. 

You Have No Strategy 

Content strategy is an entire discipline in itself. A comprehensive strategy will ensure that your content stays relevant to changes and innovations within your field and the interests of your target audience. There is no shame in looking at the content your competitors are generating. Have a look at what works and try to emulate it while steering clear of what doesn’t. Look at what people are saying about them on social media and seeing which posts get shared extensively and which don’t. 

Content marketing can be a driving force for your business or it can be an expensive and ineffective add-on. It is how you choose to use it that makes all the difference.

I hope you enjoyed this article about reasons why your content marketing needs improvement to achieve digital success.

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