Tips That Will Help Quickly Grow Your Blog

tips quickly grow your blog

If you’re considering turning your blog into something that you can make money from, then there are quite a few things that you will have to begin doing to ensure that this happens. It’s unlikely that you will find internet fame overnight, but there are steps that you can take to boost how quickly your blog grows. 

Here are some tips for you to read and take on that will help to quickly grow your blog and help you on your way to running a business through your blog.

Social Media 

Social media is one of the most powerful, effective, and fastest ways of reaching your intended audience, and if you’re not already you should be utilizing social media to help you bring in the right viewership for your blog. The main platforms that you should be promoting your blog on are: 

Facebook: Facebook is an incredible tool that allows users to easily view things that they are interested in. Even the adverts that you see are tailored to what you browse on the internet! It’s also super easy to share content, upload videos and pictures, and also allows you to place links for people to follow. 

Twitter: Another fantastic platform to use because of how easy it is to connect with people and also share content that you’re interested in and also relates to your blog. Many people don’t understand Twitter, and if the platform confuses you a little take a read of this article to give you some top tips on how to use it effectively. 

Pinterest: Pinterest is fabulous for helping blog posts and content go viral. If one of your followers repins one of your pins, they are showing all of their followers your pin too. Imagine a few repins and how quickly your blog can be shared! 

Instagram: Instagram is a great way of connecting with a relevant audience thanks to the use of hashtags. Adding hashtags to your pictures will draw in the right readership. Leave a link to your blog underneath the picture for people to follow! 


The style of your blog is super important because not only will people turn away if it’s an ugly website, but it represents you and who you are. It’s always worth taking time to properly design your blog so that you’re giving off the right impression to your readers. The most important page to concentrate on is your landing page because this is what your viewers will see first when clicking onto your blog. Unbounce is brilliant for helping bloggers create the perfect landing page, so check out how they have more than 100 WordPress templates to choose for your landing page so that you can get the perfect look for you and your blog. 


Adverts are one of the best ways of creating money on your website. Many bloggers worry about putting adverts on their pages because they fear it’s too spammy and may turn away potential readers. Unless you’ve plastered a lot of adverts all over all of your pages it shouldn’t be an issue. Even large companies display adverts so it’s likely that your viewers won’t even notice adverts on your page. 

Another idea would be to buy some advertising space from Google Ads so that your blog will display for people who are interested in what you write about. This will certainly help with the growth of your blog


The content that you’re publishing on your blog is also something that will massively affect your growth. While you don’t want your readers to forget about your blog, posting everyday for the sake of posting will lose you many readers. It’s easy to become annoyed at seeing someone posting things that aren’t relevant or useful. 

Be sure to keep everything that you’re posting as content that will help your readers in someway. You can’t expect people to read your blog if you’re not offering them something to take away from it. This could be offering a solution to a problem they’ve been experiencing, or offering them a free downloadable from the post. This will also gain you subscribers to continue mailing your blog posts too and bringing people back to your blog. 

Bigger Better Blogs

Apply these things to your blog and you will soon see it your readership growing for the better. Good luck with monetizing your blog!

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I hope you enjoyed this article about tips that will help to quickly grow your business blog.

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