How Video Clips Are Emerging As Recruitment Tools

how to use video clips as recruiting tools

The battle for top talent is getting tougher and tricky every day. Recruitment companies are taking advantage of the modern disruptive technologies to help their clients get their share of the coveted talent. As a result, adoption of AI-based recruiting software, social networking and mobile applications has been on the rise. 

But there is more to this shift than meets the eye. 

More recently, the recruitment industry is experiencing yet another shift – incorporating video clips in online recruitment. Today, brands are incorporating video in job candidate interviewing, recruiting and hiring processes. 

By creating and posting video clips on Vimeo, YouTube or sharing them on social media platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn, among others. There are companies that embed the videos on their career section on their website. The videos attract candidates and also help pass the company’s message more effectively. That is, who they are and what they stand for. 

Why would brands need to incorporate video clips in online recruitment? 

1. Clients Get To Know Their Interviewees Without Meeting Them 

Bert Hick, the president of Rising Tide Consultants, find it more puzzling how most recruitment businesses don’t provide video clips about their job candidates tackling critical questions. Speaking to Business Vancouver, he said they are “used a variety of recruitment companies over the years.” Hick’s six-employee consultancy operates across Canada helping different client navigate the liquor-licensing challenges and has often needed new administrative workers. Unfortunately, they never have given him an “opportunity” to see their would-be employees in video clips. 

According to him, online recruiting companies of today should have video clips where the job candidate is talking. That way, he says, you could get their “passion, excitement and sense of their personality” especially when they respond to pertinent questions. Ad most importantly, it might help them narrow down the search. 

These videos should be uploaded on the client’s portals. So that when the client logs in, they will be likely to see and personally assess all the candidates the recruitment company is putting forward for each position. 

The video clips, unlike the recruiting software, introduce a human element in the interviews. Apart from professional summary and resume, the clients also want to look at a 60- to 90-second video clip where the candidate answers some key questions. In such video clips, the job candidates state their names, address what they deem as their top strengths and probably how colleagues would describe them. That way, the client will be able to hear, meet ad see their candidates without them having to visit them in their offices. 

2. Video Clips Will Help You Reach A Larger Audience

The traditional approach to recruitment is no longer enough. Okay, recruitment software may help. But there is something unique about videos when it comes to online recruitment. Adding video clips to the companies’ online recruitment channels will earn you a few tokens when it comes to employee recruitment. In fact, 59% of executives, according to MWP Digital Media, would prefer video to text – the resume and candidate’s skills summary. 

Since the attention span of the typical person is decreasing every day, a short video clip will go a long way to by increasing the number of candidates interested on the company’s open job positions. Besides, because of attraction to videos instead of text, video as one of recruiting tools guarantees recruiters of a huge pool of potential recruits. 

3. You’ll Keep Competitive  

Getting the best out the fast-paced and highly competitive business environment means you have to be highly engaging. And, one of the best ways to do that it is by using videos. 

According to revelations of a study conducted by CareerBuilder, job postings accompanied by a video clip got 12% more views compared to those without videos. Besides, online recruitment companies often get 34% more application rates when they post job adverts accompanied by videos. 

It’s about engagement. That is why companies like Google always create engaging videos that give potential candidates a glimpse into their workplace, their culture and generally how their employees experience the workplace. 

4. Videos Appeal To Newer Generations Of Talent 

The boomers are exiting the workplaces, ushering the way for Millenials. For your company to succeed, you need to come up with a recruiting strategy for poaching the most talented and freshest candidates out there. For example, the Millennial community spends a lot time watching videos online, where men burn 40% more time watching videos than their women counterparts. What does this mean for recruiting companies? A need for change of tact? You certainly can’t go wrong with it. Laying a strategy to capture the attention of this tech-savvy and visionary group of workers can help company’s expand their growth. 

5. It Makes It Easier To Find Your Culture Fit 

Culture wars usually results to a lot of friction in organizations. That is why it very important to look for candidates who can readily fit in the company’s culture. According to a recent Harvard study, 80% of employee turnover can has to do with faults in the hiring process. The faults always happen as a result of errors in the interview procedures. 

Since most recruitment managers must look for a specific skill when hiring news candidates, they often tend to lean on - technical and soft skills. Now this approach overshadows another equally important aspect, the cultural fit. For example, in their online recruitment video geared towards PhD graduates who are interested in joining Microsoft Research department offers some of these pointers: It shows the diversity of the employers working there and the qualities the companies wants for the people interested in the department. That way, it helps attract a people who can fit in with their culture. 

Summing It Up 

Many business recruiters work over the phone. But, thanks to advancement in technology, video clips are becoming one of the best recruiting tools that gives recruiters a better leverage when it comes to hiring new talent. Videos are more engaging, and have a larger audience. Besides, they not only help give the clients the personality of the job candidates without them having to visit your office.

I hope you enjoyed this article about how video clips are emerging as effective recruiting tools for many companies.

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