5 Top Tech Trends Driving Businesses Today

Top Tech Trends Driving Businesses

Technology is ever-changing, and for any business keen to outrival the competition, it’s important to keep up with the latest trends. Of course, expense is an issue, and as a business owner, you may want to wait a while before hopping on board the latest technology trend in case it fizzles out long before it has begun. Smartwatches, for example, were hailed as the next big thing a few short years ago, but the lackluster sales said otherwise. So, when looking to today's top tech and the future beyond that, it’s important to consider where to spend your money. When looking at new technology, ask yourself these quintessential questions: 

Will it impact my business? 

Can I afford to implement it? 

What are the long-term benefits? 

In this article, we will look at the top tech trends we think are here to stay today. We will consider how they can help your business, but remember to look at the questions above before you make the leap and make the financial commitment

Artificial Intelligence

The robot revolution is not upon us yet, but companies such as Facebook and Netflix are making use of AI technology to drive their content marketing. For the business owner, you may be able to follow suit and scale down your operations by implementing marketing AI into your current technology. It can also be used within your website design and email marketing, reducing your workload substantially. 

Smart Devices 

This is nothing new to us, and you will probably have at least one smart device in your home. However, you need to consider the impact it will have on your business. We particularly liked the Onsight technology highlighted by a remote expert with smart glasses and cameras that allow added collaboration between employees out on the field and in the office. 

Augmented Reality 

If you have already been swept up by the Pokemon Go revolution, you will understand how augmented reality (AR) works. Superimposing a computer generated image into the real world, the possibilities are endless for business owners. Take your product, for example. 

Rather than look at a 2D model of your product online, the customer will be able to see a 3D image (with features) and will be able to get your hands on with the item before buying. Geotargeting technology and geofencing have allowed marketers to take advantage of the increased popularity of AR.

Virtual Reality 

Already huge in the video gaming world, the use of VR can go beyond fantasy and sci-fi settings. Those involved in the construction industry can give customers a virtual look at the finished product of a room or building. Those involved in the travel industry can use VR to enhance the sales experience, giving customers a virtual tour of a location. Estate agents are using VR to show people around particular properties. 

You can even use VR in the office, transporting you and your workers away from your desks and into a virtual environment, thanks to a simple headset. Imagine having your business meetings away from the boardroom as well. People have been looking forward to virtual reality technology finally live up to its potential, and that day has finally come.

Top Tech Events

Finally It’s always worth keeping an eye on industry events, such as the recent CES show in Las Vegas to find out about the latest innovations. Not everything that generates a buzz - Smart Microwaves anyone? - will gain traction, but it’s still worth knowing what is out there. As we said, not every technology that comes on the market will be right for you. However, if the benefits are clear, and if it will take your business to the next level, you should consider the investment today.

I hope you enjoyed this article about tech trends and top technology that will help drive business forward in today's day and age.

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