7 Smart Satya Nadella Entrepreneur Quotes

Here are some of my favorite motivational entrepreneur quotes from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella:

1)  "If you don't have a real stake in the new, then just surviving on the old - even if it is about efficiency - I don't think is a long-term game."

2)  "The mobile-first, cloud-first is a very rich canvas for innovation - it is not the device that is mobile, it is the person that is mobile."

3)  "The thing I'm most focused on today is, how am I maximizing the effectiveness of the leadership team, and what am I doing to nurture it?"

4)  "You renew yourself every day. Sometimes you're successful, sometimes your not, but it's the average that counts."

5)  "Information technology is at the core of how you do your business and how your business model itself evolves."

6)  "The energy you create around you is perhaps going to be the most important attribute - in the long run, EQ trumps IQ. Without being a source of energy for others, very little can be accomplished."

7)  "Longevity in this business is about being able to reinvent yourself or invent the future."

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