8 Great Jeff Weiner Entrepreneur Quotes

Here are some of my favorite motivational entrepreneur quotes from social networking expert and LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner:

1)  "In order to inspire people, that's going to have to come from somewhere deep inside of you."

2)  "Prioritization sounds like such a simple thing, but true prioritization starts with a very difficult question to answer, especially at a company with a portfolio approach."

3)  "Data really powers everything that we do."

4)  "If you have true vision and you want to try something that hasn't been done before, there's gonna be a lot of naysayers, there's gonna be a lot of skeptics, there's gonna be a lot of people who feel threatened and try to get in your way."

5)  "I've come to learn there is a virtuous cycle to transparency and a very vicious cycle of obfuscation."

6)  "You have to feel it deeply to be able to overcome those challenges and for people to want to follow you. And if you're not authentic in that belief and you don't have true conviction, they're not gonna be behind you."

7)  "You have to maintain a culture of transformation and stay true to your values."

8)  "The important word there is inspire. The key difference between managers and leaders is that managers tell people what to do, while leaders inspire them to do it. Inspiration comes from three things: clarity of one’s vision, courage of their conviction and the ability to effectively communicate both of those things"


I hope you enjoyed these great motivational entrepreneur quotes from current CEO of LinkedIn Jeff Weiner.

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