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Welcome to Boostrap Business by Michael J Schiemer. Make sure to get my new eBook:
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8 Great Paul Allen Business Quotes


Paul Allen was the co-founder of Microsoft, along with Bill Gates of course. Allen is currently ranked as the 51st richest person in the world with an estimated net worth of over $17 billion. He's the "other" Microsoft business mogul that helped fight wars against Apple and Dell, but just as successful and philanthropic. Paul Allen has some great advice that any marketer or entrepreneur could learn from. Here are some of my favorite quotes from this business behemoth:

1)  "For the most part, the best opportunities now lie where your competitors have yet to establish themselves, not where they're already entrenched."

2)  "In my experience, each failure contains the seeds of your next success - if you are willing to learn from it." 

3)  "When it comes to helping out, I don't believe in doing it for the media attention. My goal is to support the organizations that need help." 

4)  "The possible is constantly being redefined, and I care deeply about helping humanity move forward."

5)  "What should exist? To me, that's the most exciting question imaginable. What do we need that we don't have? How can we realize our potential?" 

6)  "Technology is notorious for engrossing people so much that they don't always focus on balance and enjoy life at the same time."

7)  "We've had tough times, but we've hung in there."

8)  "Any crusade requires optimism and the ambition to aim high."


I hope you enjoyed these motivational business quotes from an industry leader.
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