4 Tips To Save Money On IT Costs

how to save money on it costs

It's practically impossible today to run a business of any size without a computer, applications, and the Internet. But even sending and receiving emails could put your valuable data at risk. New hacker tactics like ransomware or hidden spyware can endanger small companies because they may not have the resources to properly protect their systems. However there are ways to protect your business without breaking the bank. 

Improve Security 

Better security is always worth it. Data breaches ruin customer confidence. Investing in security measures is the best way to spare your company from that. You don't have to spend a fortune on hardware. Just do the research and find solutions that are right for your environment and budget. You can always call a consultant to do a security audit and prioritize identified weaknesses. 

Start Using the Cloud 

Convenient as it sounds, some people just don't like the idea of entrusting their sensitive data to some remote facility. But cloud services providers are in the business of protecting your data. They know the latest threats and maintain high standards of protection as well as performance. Using storage and application services over the cloud is actually more secure and can save you money by reducing your own expenses. 

Outsource Your IT 

Supporting an IT staff is a burden on some companies, considering salary demands, benefits, and other costs. Many organizations are outsourcing IT as a solution. An Ottawa managed services provider or one in your particular locale can integrate remotely with your systems to provide ongoing monitoring, updates, and tech support of your systems. A good service provider can also offer consulting, system design and upgrades, and many more capabilities for a flat monthly fee. This frees you from worries—and costs—regarding IT infrastructure and IT staff. 

Save on Hardware and Software 

Ensure that any server that connects to the Internet is protected with its own firewall, anti-virus, and other basic protection. Reduce your exposure by reorganizing so that anything that doesn't have to be connected isn't. Take advantage of database features to isolate, and encrypt sensitive data. Be sure to have data backup systems in place and running on schedule, as well as regular restore tests. 

Take the time to understand your IT infrastructure and perform some risk assessment to see where your money is best spent. It may be you're protecting the wrong assets and overlooking the vulnerabilities hackers are actually looking for.

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I hope you enjoyed this article on saving money on IT costs without leaving your small business vulnerable to security hacks.

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