Business Review:

        If you haven't realized, I am all about social media, internet marketing, networking, and self-promotion. About 6 months ago I received an invite for which is supposed to be like another LinkedIn type professional networking website. On the main site it says "Over 1 Million Users" so I figure it must be alright. I was sorely mistaken. It had to be the slowest and most boring site I think I have come across so far in social media. It is agonizing trying to add connections or invite new people and it freezes up more times than not. Out of the "1 Million Users" I think maybe 2-3% actually use the site regularly. I have a ton of connections and less than 1% of them are on Naymz. Because the site is so poorly designed and nobody uses it, you get very little profile views, search engine optimization, and the recommendations/endorsements don't mean jack like they do on LinkedIn. Don't bother with this pathetic website and focus more on LinkedIn and Facebook instead. Hell, I'd rather (and do!) use MySpace than Naymz, and that's saying something!

Michael J. Schiemer
Owner and Marketing Consultant

RESULTS Business Solutions Boston, MA

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