Easy Ways to Write a Cancellation Letter

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A cancellation letter is a type of professional communication with which you can inform the service provider, institution or any company that you would like to discontinue the service that was supposed to avail from them. But cancellation letter can certainly be very challenging as on one hand you have to cancel a membership or subscription causing loss to the service provider but on the other hand, you also have to very friendly and polite in your approach. 

That is the reason why most people are not comfortable with it and look for the best letter template on the Internet. You may find a lot of templates on the Internet but there is no guarantee that it will fit in your situation. That is the reason why it is always better to know how to write a cancellation letter. Hence, we have come up with some ideas about how to write a cancellation letter in easy ways: 

Use The Formal Business Format 

A cancellation letter is also a type of formal business letter. So, it is necessary to write the letter in a formal business letter format so that it gives your letter a level of professionalism. As in the formal business letter format, you have to specify the name, membership or subscription Number, and detailed address of the reader. After that, you have to specify the date on which you are submitting the letter. Finally, you have to give the company or subscriber’s name and address as shown below: 

John Davis 

254 Madrid, Suite 2156 

New York, NY12003 

25 th May 2019 

Thompson Ltd. 

28 Green St., Suite 14 

Upstate, NY-10885  

Mentioning The Subject 

In the cancellation letter, you should mention a subject in which you will write what you are going to cancel. For example, in the case of canceling an order it should be mentioned as: 

Subject: Cancellation of Order No. ________ 

Use Proper Salutation 

Since cancellation letter is also a type of professional letter it is very important to use proper salutation while you will write the cancellation letter. Use polite language like you would find if you purchased a premium essay for sale on EssayHub. In the cancellation letter you have to take the last name of the reader after using proper salutation as follows: 

Dear Mr. Lee,  

Provide A Brief Reason For The Cancellation Of Order Or Subscription 

In the cancellation letter you should not only inform about the cancellation of the order or subscription or any other legal contract but you should also give a justified reason for the cancellation of the order or subscription or any other legal contract. But remember that in the cancellation letter, you should never give any wrong information. In case you are not sure about why to cancel the order or subscription then it is better not to write anything as any wrong information may have some legal consequence. 

I shall like to inform you that since there is a change in the plan the company has decided not to use the items that we have ordered. Hence, I request you to cancel all the orders that were placed and don’t deliver the items that were mentioned in the order. 

Request Confirmation Of The Cancellation 

After that, you should also request the reader to confirm the receipt of the letter as well as let you know that your order or subscription has been canceled. If any kind of cancellation fee is included you must specify about that. For example, you should write this section as follows: 

Please confirm the cancellation of the order by the return mail. I have enclosed the fee for cancellation. 

Apologize For The Inconvenience Caused Due To Cancellation 

It is obvious that due to the cancellation of the order or subscription the company will undergo several inconveniences. So, you should be gentle and polite to the company and apologize for the inconvenience caused. You can write as follows: 

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused due to this order. Please feel free to contact us in case of any settlement pertaining to the order. 

Use Proper Closing Terms 

Then you should use proper closing terms – ‘Sincerely’, ‘Thanking You’, ‘Best Regards’, etc. and put your signature, name, and designation such as follows: 

Yours Sincerely, 

John Davis 

General Manager 

Be both proactive and polite during your order cancellation email or letter writing!

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