5 Advantages Of Games In The Learning Process

advantages games during learning process video game teaching tool

While many consider games a good way for teenagers to waste their time, understand that they can be a perfect educational tool. Where teachers use games while teaching, students are more willing to learn. Here are some of the top benefits gained when games and video game lessons are introduced into the classroom; 

1. Increase In Memory Capacity 

Video games usually revolve around memorizing critical sequences while tracking a given narrative to try and anticipate what comes next so one can have the highest chances of winning a given game. This means that students have to employ their memory faculties and use what they have already seen while anticipating what is coming next to win the game. 

This is a massive advantage of using games as a teaching tool. They help stimulate and increase the students’ memory capacity. It helps students become good at playing games and easily retain what they have learned, enabling them to do well in their exams. 

2. Improves Students Engagement In The Classroom 

Our education system is highly theoretical. This means that lessons are usually all about students listening to a teacher explain the day's topic. In turn, this system makes the classes highly monotonous as there is only one source of information, and that is the teacher. It is one of the main reasons students often lose interest and stop focusing on what the teacher is teaching. 

However, by introducing games into the teaching system, the teacher can include students in the teaching process. Games allow students to participate as the lesson goes on; they increase the interaction between the teacher and the students. 

Games are one of the top teaching tools that encourage students to participate in class. This is mainly because games are usually all about winning. Therefore, every student stays tuned and attentive to what the teacher is saying to get as many points as possible, to win individually, or secure a win for their group. 

3. Improves Problem Solving Skills 

Classroom games usually require students to think critically on their feet as they navigate the games, trying to answer the puzzles therein. Where kids play these games regularly, they can develop top-notch problem-solving skills that help them develop creative ways of creating perfect assignments eliminating the chances of dependence on the help of a paper writer. They are also well equipped to tackle the different problems they will face in life in general. 

4. Improved Hand-Eye Coordination 

One of the best ways to improve hand-eye coordination, especially in younger kids, is through games. Understand that both video games and physical games such as corn hole help significantly improve hand-eye coordination in students as they need to use both their eyes and hands in sync to meet the goal of the game. 

With video games, they have to manipulate a keyboard, mouse, or gamepad while looking at the screen to play the game. On the other hand, throwing the bean bag right into the hole while playing corn hole will also require the students to have perfect hand-eye coordination. 

This is another top reason games should be used as a learning tool. Remember, hand-eye coordination is hugely important in life, especially when it comes to those activities we must perform physically by hand. 

5. Promotes Teamwork 

The best games to use as teaching aids in the school setting require teamwork. Therefore, select the games that encourage students to work together to pursue a common goal. This will help make the studies enjoyable. It will also help them gain a highly beneficial trait in life, which is learning how to work with others in harmony. 

Where teachers allow the kids to work together while playing games, they teach them how to work cooperatively. Remember, no man is an island; we are all social creatures by nature and will always require one other. 

Furthermore, in the business world, one is expected to work with fellow employees to help their organization make a profit, which translates to higher pay and bonuses. Therefore, since games help instill and develop teamwork spirit in students, it is an excellent idea to introduce them as valid teaching aids in the classroom. 


Games are not only entertaining, but they are pretty educative too. So the thought that games will only corrupt our kids' minds and act as a source of distraction is not entirely correct. This article shows some of the advantages students gain when games are introduced in the education setting. The aim here is to try and show that games are more than just a way for people to entertain themselves. They can be a great educative tool too.

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