Tips To Find The Best Executive Assistants In Atlanta

how to find best executive assistants

Investing in a company can feel like a serious risk. That is why it is necessary to make sure that the time and money invested will boost growth rather than decrease overall productivity and performance. Business leaders who are sick of coordinating everything alone can benefit significantly by hiring an executive assistant (EA). Executive assistants act as gatekeepers and problem solvers. They keep the business organized while maintaining morale and streamlining operational processes. Analyzing business demands can help determine whether a company requires executive assistant staffing in Atlanta

What Is An Executive Assistant? 

An executive assistant serves one or more c-suite officers with management duties such as scheduling, communications, and sometimes business discussions. Generally speaking, it is a higher-level position than a regular office assistant since the job helps CEOs and usually involves more specialized tasks. It can be difficult to find EAs with the right expertise and training. Executive assistants perform more than simply helping with office management. These EA professionals in Georgia learn to know company preferences and dissimilarities, analyze decision-making strategy, prioritize duties, provide support, and eventually make overall work life easier. 

A Step-By-Step Strategy For Executive Assistant Staffing In Atlanta 

Choose The Level Of Assistance

The first step in selecting an expert executive assistant is evaluating what kind of support a business requires. Three categories can be used to classify executive assistants: 

Level 1: An executive assistant at this level provides basic office help. They are in charge of returning phone calls, sorting through papers, printing out documents, and executing simple errands. 

Level 2: A level 2 assistant oversees the aforementioned duties as well as extra administrative ones. They coordinate travel plans, schedule meetings, and sometimes help with smaller projects. 

Level 3: An executive assistant at this level works closely with the executive on a daily basis. They play a more strategic role inside the company, contributing to decision-making, launching projects, taking part in meetings, and even overseeing projects. 

Create A Captivating And Unique Job Posting 

The next step is to design a specific role listing to attract a suitable applicant. A properly written job posting not only outlines the knowledge and expertise expected for the position but also "sells" the job by flaunting the organization's professional accomplishments. 

Filter The Search 

Instead of just sitting back and waiting for applications to stream in after posting the vacancy, one must keep a watchful eye on the recruiting activities. Measure the progress not just in terms of the number of received inquiries but also in regards to the quality of those inquiries where applicants who not only fulfil the needs but also go above and beyond the basic standards. 

Examine applications and cover letters carefully to check whether candidates appear to have the relevant skills and qualities for employment. Don't assume applicants can shift to an executive assistant job just because they have experience as administrative assistants. Both roles necessitate a core skill set, but an executive assistant's job generally calls for more ingenuity and problem-solving. Take note of any proof of this in the employment record. Candidates' engagement in professional groups and voluntary activities (if mentioned) can also be signs of these qualities. 

Ask The Help Of Specialists 

For faster executive assistant staffing in Atlanta, think about contacting C-Suite Assistants, a specialized talent resources and business consulting agency. Executive assistant recruiters have access to a bigger pool of prospects. They can also screen candidates faster and keep management up to date on administrative recruitment and compensation statistics. If business leaders go this route, they must ensure that someone in the company — either manager or HR — is in close contact with the executive assistant recruiter who is leading the search. 

Look Up References 

It can be tempting to rush the reference-checking step. But, elite candidates today have a lot of options, and few are ready to deal with a drawn-out recruitment process. Having credible information from past bosses and colleagues is still a vital aspect of avoiding a problematic hire. Checking references is necessary. Don't hesitate to let applicants know up front that HR be calling their references. This makes sure the statements they make during the interview are genuine. 


When a company has identified the ideal applicant for the position, it must not delay in offering a proposal right away. Keep in mind that competent executive assistants are in high demand and will most likely be approached by many organizations. Executive assistants are exceptional assets who can add immense value to any firm since they offer quick and proactive high-level support. Furthermore, C-suite Assistants have the biggest skill pool for executive assistant staffing in Atlanta. This consulting company can pair companies up with an EA who fits their business objectives.

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