How To Score Good Marks In Class 10 Social Science

how to score high class 10 social science test taking tips exam study guide

Social science is one of the most difficult courses for students in class 10. It is, however, a subject that does not necessitate putting out great effort to understand formulae and theories. History, Civics, and Geography, for example, need you to memorize terminology, dates, short notes, and the dreaded lengthy answers. Longer answers, on the other hand, need not just strong recall but also mastery of writing abilities on the test. 

If you prepare for this topic thoroughly in advance, you will have a decent chance of getting good grades. Social science is a fun and easy-to-understand topic that may help you get high grades. So, here are some pointers to help you ace your Social Science exam. 

Top 7 Tips To Get Good Marks In Social Science 

1. Know The Syllabus And Exam Pattern Properly 

One of the most crucial Social Science class 10 advice is to familiarise yourself with the curriculum before beginning the preparation process. This will assist pupils in comprehending the crucial and necessary topics to be covered. They should have a proper understanding of class 10 social science syllabus. It is also necessary to understand the exam pattern to prepare appropriately. 

2. Make Notes

Getting the details correct might help you achieve a lot in courses like history, civics, and geography. 

• Make a separate note of all dates, phrases, topic-specific words, and meanings when studying for the exam. 

• You can make notes of these concepts as you go through the chapters. 

• You will be able to swiftly revise the syllabus if you save these notes of the chapter summary and crucial details. 

• If you don't want to write things down, you may still underline key parts in the book. 

• However, we recommend that you keep your notes separate. During revision, it will be more effective and simple. 

3. Attempting To Solve Sample Papers Is A Must-Do 

Solving sample papers is required even during the preparation of subjects such as social science. 

• It's a fantastic method to see how thorough and prepared you are with each chapter because it's made up of questions from various chapters. 

• Solving example papers also assists in the formation of better answers in less time, as well as the management of your time and speed. 

• You may also put yourself to the test in terms of your strengths and weaknesses. So you may concentrate more on the weaker component and begin working on it sooner. 

• On several websites, you may readily locate sample papers. 

4. Make Theory Study Interesting 

Social science is a subject that many students find tedious to learn. Add visuals to the study to make it more engaging. Visuals always beat words; consider watching subject-related videos to help you remember facts and subjects for a long time. 

These classes will be extremely valuable to you. They provide you with a thorough understanding of the chapter and assist you in learning the answers with less effort. You may conveniently view them whenever and anywhere you want. 

5. Make Sure To Present The Answer Properly During The Exam 

• You should always try to write lengthy answers in points. Also, in your replies, underline keywords and major elements such as dates and names. This will persuade the checker to award additional points. 

• Make tables, flow charts, and diagrams if possible. This will improve the presentation of your answer. 

• Write, cleanly, and with fine handwriting. When the checker sees a well-presented answer, he or she will be enticed to offer extra marks for the effort. 

6. Don’t Write Stories And Unnecessary Things In The Exam Sheet  

Students frequently believe that they can write anything on their Social Science exam. When students can't remember the exact answers, they tend to write irrelevant things. They believe this will get them extra points. However, this might be a disadvantage for them. 

Filling pages excessively is not a good idea. This will just exacerbate the situation. If the checker becomes annoyed, they may also cut marks for the correct answer. That's why you should note down everything that comes to mind and then move on to the things you recall better. 

7. Practice Previous Years' Question Papers

After you've completed the chapter tests and sample papers, you'll need to solve question papers from past years. 

• These question papers will give you the same feeling as if you were taking a board exam. Always keep track of your time when solving the previous year's question papers. 

• Set a three-hour deadline for yourself and strive to finish the paper within that time frame. 

• Once you've finished, either double-check it yourself or have someone else do it for you. This will assist you in evaluating your complete preparation. 

Test Taking Tips And Smart Studying Strategies Conclusion

Hence, it is not difficult to get good marks in Class 10 social science. With proper strategy and planning before and during the exam, you can easily attain good marks in the subject. Just make sure to follow the above-mentioned tips. With these tips, you can surely score well. 

Aside from the aforementioned guidelines, you'll need to practice time management and hunt for additional material to include in your responses. To know more about the Social science class 10 exam check out some FAQs. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do Maps In The Social Science Class 10 Exam Matter? 

Yes, maps should not be ignored. It is because you can easily secure marks on maps. Maps are easy to memorize. You can study the map questions from the last ten years because they don't change significantly. 

In The Social Science Topic, Which Section Is The Highest Scoring? 

Social science is made up of several components. The test gives equal weight to each component. However, the topic that the student enjoys the most continues to be the most useful. 

How Can I Earn A Perfect Score In Social Science? 

Practice previous year's papers, take brief notes and respond according to the marking structure. Get to know the curriculum and its weighting. 

Where Can I Get Study Materials For The Social Science Exam In Class 10? 

Many websites provide students with study resources to aid in their test preparation. On several websites, you may find sample papers and practice problems for your test. Simply go to the website and download the study materials to prepare for test taking. This study guide will be extremely beneficial in helping you pass your social sciences exam.

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