Why Excellent HR For The Restaurant Business Is Crucial

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Restaurant businesses can run into trouble if they aren’t careful. According to an article on Vice.com, many restaurants experience issues such as verbal or sexual harassment, intoxication on the job, and unpaid or underpaid workforces. These issues can cause restaurants to have problems with keeping staff. Some even face legal ramifications, such as lawsuits and other legal troubles. These reasons alone call for an excellent HR department when it comes to your business. 

It is increasingly important for restaurants to have strong human resources departments to ensure that employees are not being harassed or discriminated against, are being paid for their labor, and are happy and satisfied with their jobs. In the long run, having a well-run HR department can help a restaurant keep from having a high turnover rate. With staff shortages being even more common since COVID, this can make a difference in whether a restaurant is able to survive. 

Verbal And Sexual Harassment Prevention 

Many restaurants don’t focus on HR because of the added costs of having a person or department dedicated to employee matters. As more and more companies are facing lawsuits because of verbal or sexual harassment in the workplace, it has become essential to not just have a policy in place but HR professionals who will follow protocol on these matters. 

HR staff members will make sure that these types of complaints are followed up on and investigated and that responsible parties are punished according to company guidelines as well as local, state, and federal laws. They can also help to establish valuable training related to harassment. If managers are overworked and don’t have the time to handle these complaints, having an HR department can especially become necessary. 


HR departments often help to ensure adherence to policies related to fair treatment based on race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and other factors. This is important not just for existing employees but during the hiring process as well. HR departments often play an important role in who is hired within a company. Having a strong HR staff can mean that a restaurant hires strong candidates who can do the job and has a diverse workplace with people of different backgrounds and experiences. 

When there are issues with employee retention due to discrimination, HR departments can really delve into why this is occurring and find remedies. They can also help deal with employee concerns about discrimination on a case-by-case basis. 

Fair Labor Practices 

Many restaurants, and businesses in general, engage in unfair labor practices such as not paying employees for breaks or lunches. While this is not legal for businesses to do, many get away with it when managers or supervisors are left unchecked. 

HR departments can help to make sure that employees are being treated fairly, especially in being paid for their regular and overtime work and receiving their entitled breaks and lunches. They can also help with tracking important benefits, such as healthcare, 401Ks, and maternal and paternal leave. 

It is important to remember that HR departments need to be set up with the interests of workers, and not the managers, in mind. While they are there to help businesses run smoothly, human resources for restaurants need to be set up in such a way that they can step in to ensure workers’ rights are being taken into account. 

Employee Satisfaction 

Many restaurants experience problems with high turnover. HR departments can help to make sure companies hire serious employees by vetting candidates before they are hired, doing background and criminal checks, and performing in-depth interviews that get deeper into their skills and knowledge. Once employees are hired, HR staff could help to make sure that they are satisfied with the job by checking in on them, especially in their first few days or weeks. 

HR personnel can also help to create programs that will serve workers, such as mental and physical health and employee engagement programs. Many restaurants overlook the importance of creating a positive culture that will make workers feel involved and interested. If workers feel invested in the company, they will in turn want to work hard and make the company successful. Getting their feedback can be helpful as well. 

According to an article on Forbes.com, employees often feel more satisfied if they have some involvement in business strategizing. HR departments can help to seek out their opinions using meetings or surveys. Employee dissatisfaction can also result from workers not knowing what they should be doing. HR departments can also help with training so that workers feel prepared to do the job for which they were hired and continue to develop skills that help them to advance. Employees who move up within a company are more likely to want to stay over the long term. 


The role of HR departments has changed within workplaces, but they are still important for different types of companies, including restaurants. Not being willing to invest in HR staff can cause bigger problems in the long run, especially with harassment or discrimination issues. These departments can serve different roles, including setting up and running employee engagement programs, making sure benefits are being handled correctly, and helping to find the right candidates to hire.

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