Benefits of an Employee Health & Fitness Regimen

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The Benefits Of Implementing An 
Employee Health & Fitness Regimen
Case Study: Private Security Firm

1) How Important is it that physical fitness and exercise be incorporated into security schools?

Exercise programs and education are crucial to maintaining optimal performance of a security company. Employees that do incorporate exercise and health into their daily work and personal lives will reap many benefits that will translate into an overall improved company. One benefit of exercise and health programs includes having security personnel that are more physically capable of performing their duties. If they are physically healthier than they are able to do the movements required of them for the job. They will also enjoy better endurance which will allow for more efficient security tours and duties performed. A more fit security guard also exudes a much more professional image of themselves, the company, and the site that they are guarding. The security guard and the site guarded are also more difficult targets for trespassers etc if that guard appears physically fit, intimidating, alert, intelligent, and professional. A healthy security guard with physical prowess is also less susceptible to on the job injury which could results in lawsuits or workman’s compensation. Physical fitness also improves mental and emotional health so that security officers that exercised would have a clearer head and more focus on their job.

2) How does your training and aerobic activity help your performance as a security enforcement officer?

My exercise and nutrition programs help me significantly with my performance as a security guard. Being a natural bodybuilder, all of the muscle mass that I have built can be very useful to intimidate trespassers or those who may cause trouble. The image of a security officer being very strong and powerful can either prevent trouble from occurring or end trouble without things getting more complicated. This can come in very handy especially when you are in bad neighborhoods and fending off muggers, gangs, drunks, etc. It also helps to break the stereotype of the typical fat and lazy security guard that doesn’t want to move if they are needed. The actual strength and endurance that I have reaped from my exercise programs also helps my physical performance of daily and unorthodox tasks that may arise. I am able to quickly walk easily for a 30 minute round without being tired or having a decrease in my job performance. I can do security tours more quickly than unfit individuals and can do cars without the requirement of a car if needed. I can lift objects that are in my path or that need to be thrown away. I may be needed to help other workers of the site that I am guarding with manual labor or something of that nature. Being in good shape also helps to correct several of the muscle imbalances that occur from being seated or standing for long periods of time. Exercise programs can help to maintain hormonal and chemical equilibrium in the body despite a mixed or volatile schedule including doubles and overnights. Being in good physical shape also gives me more confidence and clarity on the job which is always important.

3) From a business standpoint, do you feel that a security company with fit guards would be more prosperous?

A security company would absolutely be more prosperous with fit guards as employees. Employee efficiency would be up, fuel usage would be down, injury risks would be down, image is improved, and overall job improvement is improved. This all translates into happier and healthier employees but also affects the bottom line. Increased efficiency and decreased fuel usage would directly save money for the security company and reduce expenses. Healthier employees with less injury or health risks would decrease the liability or cost of legal defense in the event of a lawsuit or required workers compensation. Guards with a higher level of fitness are much less likely to call out sick and cause chaos and headache to the manager, schedule, and other fellow employees. Guards that appear more fit and productive will give the business a much more professional image and increase the number of accounts and sites that are obtained and maintained. The fit security guards can be a selling point for prospective clients instead of just the average type of workers. There will be more pride and profit for the whole company if it invests in the fitness of their employees.

Investing in an employee health and fitness regimen would be a very smart move overall for both your human resources department and success of your business.

I hope you enjoyed this article on the benefits on how implementing an employee health & fitness regimen can improve the bottom line of your business.

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