What Are The Leading Suppliers Of Rescue, Safety, And Inspection Equipment?

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Maritime rescue, safety, and inspection equipment is the best way to keep your ship afloat and ensure that everything is operating properly. There are several types of equipment that can ensure ship operations run smoothly and safely. That can be in the form of life vests, life rafts, marine radios, or even just inspection equipment for safety. Whether you are a commercial user of maritime rescue equipment, a yacht owner, an offshore oil rig operator, or an oceanographic research vessel captain, safety and inspection equipment suppliers in the Nordic region must be of utmost importance. 

In today’s world, it is crucial for individuals who live or work on offshore facilities like oil platforms or rigs to stay safe from hazards such as weather systems, mechanical failures, and accidents. The risk of falling from a ship significantly increases if the individual resides on top. Therefore, they must use diverse safety equipment to remain safe while working. For instance, the risk of an oil rig worker falling off the rig increases significantly when a storm occurs. As workers are forced to walk on ladders that connect the platform to other platforms, it becomes more likely that they will fall if there is a safety chute malfunction. 

This post provides a list of some companies worldwide that specialize in this type of equipment to help you find the best suppliers for your needs. Be sure to read on and explore all of these different options before deciding! 


Dacon is the leading supplier of professional rescue, safety, and inspection equipment. In particular, Dacon is an exclusive importer of Wolf tank lighting systems, Peli products lights and cases, Aquapac waterproof cases, Ramfan ventilators, and Illuminglow chemical light. They are also the leading importer of portable work lights and ATex handlamps. 

Dacon has emerged as an innovator of maritime rescue equipment for more than 30 years they have offered their services in this industry. In particular, this company manufactures, develops, and distributes man-overboard recovery systems to every kind of vessel in this world. 

The products supplied by Dacon are used by coast guards, marine safety agencies, and military agencies worldwide for a wide range of applications. Their retail equipment, which is sold directly to the public, is used by recreational boaters and commercial lifeboats. Their customers also benefit from their pricing and expertise in customizing each piece of equipment they build for them according to their unique specifications and needs. 

Whale Maritime 

Whale Maritime provides ships with a range of maritime inspection equipment and rescue equipment in different disciplines such as hulls and machinery. Their complete inspection package can cover all of your needs. Why not call them when you are looking for one supplier to meet all your inspection requirements? They will find the perfect solution for you. No other company globally has such a wide range of marine safety and rescue products than this company! 

Whale Maritime has fully certified and qualified divers who carry out inspection tasks onboard ships, including underwater surveying and video surveying, hull cleaning and painting, anchor chain overhauls, propeller replacement, and remotely operated vehicle (ROV) inspections. Their maritime safety and rescue equipment ranges from rescue lifejackets, fall arresting gear, evacuation chairs, and fire fighting equipment. They are sure that they will have the perfect product for your ship. 

Further, Whale Maritime provides various types of lifting and lowering equipment. Their lifting products include high-capacity chain blocks, integrated single blocks, and combinations of chain with steel wire rope, ideal for harsh environmental applications such as shipyards and manufacturing facilities, and construction sites. For equipment inspection, they provide a broad range of inspection packages. Their complete package includes live and man-powered rope inspection, electronic rope inspection, and ROV inspections. All their products are delivered smoothly, promptly, and with the required standards. 

Whale Maritime supplies technical spare parts to different parts of the world including the Latin American, African, Black Sea, Baltic States, Russia, and the Nordic region. Whale Maritime is known worldwide as an outstanding company that provides high-quality products at a reasonable price and the top level of support services. Working as one team with their customers to meet their needs has been their prime objective for over 20 years. They believe that this spirit is the key to success in the industry. 


Marinspect is proud to offer the best in safety and rescue equipment on the Swedish market. Their highly-trained specialists have designed and developed their products for many industries. They tailor their equipment to meet your needs and provide you with a wide range of choices, as well as top-of-the-line customer service before and after the sale. 

The primary goal of Marinspect is to assist ships in meeting their varied maritime objectives with efficient products at competitive prices. Even if you have one vessel or twenty-five ships, they will do everything in their power to ensure your needs are met. Marinspect provides excellent customer service, so if you ever have questions about the product or the shipping process, they will be there to help you out personally! All their staff members are certified professionals who know what it takes to move your business forward and ensure your products meet all quality standards. Further, their staff will assist you in finding the most suitable products for your ship and the areas it operates in.

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