Making The Workplace Addiction Free And Recovery Friendly - A Step Forward In 2023

how to make workplace addiction free recovery friendly

Across the planet there is a huge crisis when it comes to addiction. Look at the stats today and alcohol is responsible for over three million deaths per year, while there is a huge opioid crisis blighting the likes of the USA and many other parts of the planet. 

While many may feel that it doesn’t affect their own business, with the sheer scale of the problem, there is a high chance that it might, particularly in high-demand and high-stress industries such as hospitality and finance. 

In the USA alone, there is a real crisis when it comes to substance misuse and addiction, with 14.8 million people estimated to have a disorder, while 53 million of are believed to have used illegal drugs or have misused prescription drugs in the last 12 months. 

So, to think that your workplace isn’t susceptible to it, is perhaps na├»ve thinking. But what exactly can you do about it to help prevent addiction and promote recovery? 

Many business are quick to pull the trigger on those found to be abusing alcohol or drugs, and they are within their rights to do that, but given the climate more effort needs to be made on the addressing the issue of addiction rather than the legalities around it. 

Millions of people’s mental health is suffering at present, as a result of the pandemic, economic climate, and various other things going on in life, and it’s believed that almost 800 million people worldwide have some form of condition. 

Therefore, providing care and help with alcohol or drugs, rather than dismissal is a step being encouraged by many in the space, alongside working in line with various schemes that have been set up, such as the Recovery Friendly Workplace initiative in New Hampshire. 

What that means is being more open with employees, offering more support, and giving them the help that they need to get treatment for their addiction, and begin to live a healthier and happier life. 

Stable employment is a key part of long term recovery, and while it isn’t necessarily your problem if you were to let go of an employee for abuse and misuse, there is still a duty of care for your staff, and ultimately they may be a valued member of staff who is going through a difficult period in their life. 

Partnering with rehab centres and treatment programmes can be a good way to tackle it, while encouraging employees to speak out will not only help provide them with the treatment they need, but also encourage others to also be a lot more open with any problems, that may or may not even be related to addiction. 

The drive towards becoming recovery friendly rather than instant dismissal is one that will continue to have a positive impact on the workplace as millions of people battle addiction worldwide, and will certainly make it a more tolerant, open, happy and productive place all round.

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