5 Frugal Ways To Make The Workplace More Fun

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While the workplace isn't a place for slack or a much-needed rest and relaxation, it's an environment that should convey fun and positive vibes. As an employer, you have the power to foster this ideal environment. Doing so can boost workforce productivity and turnover rate, both of which are key drivers for consistent business growth and future success. 

Unfortunately, many employers pass on this opportunity in exchange for temporary capital savings. Here are five easy and affordable ways to spark some fun in the startup workplace

1. Greet Failure With A Positive Attitude 

In no way should you aim to fail. This particular tip only entails allowing people to fail and encourage them to test their ideas. Fear of failure is often one of the prime reasons why there is so much negativity and stress in the workplace. Eliminate this fear by greeting failures with constructive criticism and encouraging comments. Inclusive corporate events that promote teamwork and calculated risk-taking can help to make the fear of failure less oppressive. 

2. Build Teams That Have Chemistry 

People who dislike each other will understandably have a harder time at work. Not only does it increase stress and tension, but can also curtail progress from daily tasks and projects. Build teams who love working together and feed off of each other's knowledge to help maximize talent retention and workplace morale. 

3. Buy Something Different 

Your employees may be tired of Chinese food and pizza for lunch or dinner. More often than not, it's what they eat at home every day of the week. That’s why it may be a good idea to treat them with something unique. This can be relatively low cost, like gourmet brands. Specialty buns, flatbread, and other healthy selections from Klosterman Baking Company, for example, are a great choice for affordable and unique eats. 

4. Add a Games Area 

This may be a rather expensive project to commit to, but it should be seen as a long-term investment. Games areas are especially popular around startups, but can be designed for any type or size of business. You can start out with a simple pool table, some bean bags, sofa, and then add onto it later as you get the budget. 

5. Do Team-Building Activities 

Company team-building activities, such as bowling or baseball, fit the criteria of being cheap and fun. In addition, they are a great way improve team chemistry and employer-employee rapport. Keep in mind that it doesn't have to be a sport. You can go on a retreat to de-stress from a stressful quarter or something similar. 


In the end, making the workplace a more fun environment benefits both the employee and the employer. Of course, the continued success of such an environment depends on moderation and proper management.

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I hope you enjoyed this article on some ideas to make the workplace more fun and show employee appreciation more often.

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