How To Support Employees Return To Work After An Injury

how to support employee return to work after injury on the job

An accident can disrupt a person’s entire life – from their career to their social life. Employers should support their staff through this challenging period and make time for them. You could make some arrangements to help them return to the office or work from home. Either way, it is your responsibility to look after your employees as an employer. 

Here are a few ways you can support your employees return to work after an accident on the job. 

Talk To Them 

You need to find out how you can help your employee. Ask them to get in touch when they are ready to return to work so you can make the necessary arrangements. You need to keep the lines of communication open. Listen to their concerns and come up with a solution together. Remember – only they know what they need right now. You are there to listen and offer a plan of action. They could get in touch with a personal injury lawyer if the accident wasn’t their fault. 

Your employee might be scared that the injury will impact their work performance and job stability. Reassure them and remind them that you won’t hold the injury over their head. Their job will be here when they are ready to return. 

Be Flexible 

The employee might come back to work and find they aren’t ready for the office yet. You need to be flexible. Keep in touch and support them through the transitional period. You could lighten their workload in the first few weeks – or suggest they work from home. 

Remote working can help your employee ease back into work. They can catch up on emails and adjust to working – without entering the office every day. Office environments are intense at the best of times. After a big accident, your employee might be feeling vulnerable and socially anxious. 

Make Adjustments 

The injury may impact your employee’s mobility. Your office should be accessible for everyone – from wheelchair users to those hard of hearing. You should have wheelchair access points available for them to get in and out of the office. 

You could also hire an occupational therapist to offer advice and assistance if needed. Your employees invest enormous amounts of time and effort into your company. It’s time to give back and help them through this traumatic time. 

Help your employee come back to the office with a phased return to work. Check-in with them regularly, and work on their schedule.

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