How To Have Fun Using Scavenger Hunt In Virtual Team Building Activities

how to do employee scavenger hunt virtual team building

Nowadays it becomes very normal to do virtual team meetings. As in virtual gatherings people don’t want to go to a specific location or sit in the same room but they can be in any corner of the world. Virtual events become very popular in the world for their comfort and convenient way. Virtual team-building activities include meetings, seminars, and online classes or even connecting with your family or friends. 

Platforms For Virtual Team Building Activities 

Virtual and hybrid events can be held online by playing games such as charades, online card games, Pictionary, and many more through Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, and MS Teams in a blink of an eye and people interact with each other without even leaving their desks. In this way, this challenging task becomes very easy for people all around the globe to interact with their ideas without any hesitation. This can increase their conversions and becomes less challenging to achieve their goals. 

Why Are Virtual Team Meeting Activities Important? 

Whether you love your profession or not, there comes a point that you should get bored of doing the same work for a long time. In that case, virtual team meeting activities are held to make the employees engage in their work better. They don’t consume much time as it’s virtual so the person easily can do some fun activities without even going anywhere. 

These activities can also help the employees to stay connected to each other and develop a good relationship. As the world adapted the hybrid work events faster than ever, the employees from remote areas couldn't see their workplace or colleagues in person. In this case, virtual team meetings help them to grow their relationships better. 

Benefits Of Virtual Meetings 

One most common lead we get through virtual team meetings is time-saving. Participants can connect through their homes, offices, and any other place in no time. This can save a lot of time traveling hours from one place to another. Other features like chatting, polling, screen sharing, and live transcription make it more effective and interactive for the participants. 

Another benefit of virtual team meetings is time management. It becomes more accessible for employees of different countries or regions to participate in such meetings. Because the main cause of the hurdle is the difference in time and language of people around the globe. But, virtual meetings and hybrid events make it very much simpler. 

How To Make Virtual Team Building Activities Better 

Virtual meetings have now become very important for people. Now almost 50% of employees choose to work in a hybrid office. But, sometimes this also becomes the cause of virtual exhaustion. To overcome this situation virtual team exercises can be done. There are a lot of ways for virtual exercises. You can also play games to discover the hidden talents of the participants or makes it more entertaining for them. One of the most exciting games to engage in recreation is the Virtual Scavenger hunt. The Scavenger Hunt App is designed to make your virtual meeting less boring and can make the candidates take a little break from their busy work schedules. 

Scavenger Hunt Team Building Ideas 

Scavenger Hunt plays an important role in virtual team-building activities where the contestants don't know each other to build trust, and confidence and can have little enjoyment too. This can be played individually or as teams also. In this game, the contestants have to find hidden objects, solve riddles, and allocate the position of the next clues. The two teams were dedicated to deciding on a theme with a list of objects. They should also provide hints and suggested to allocate numbers to each object to decide on the winning team based on their number charts. One can also present the participants with some encouragement by setting an award prize for the winning team. In this way, they push themselves to do their best in these activities and participate in the activities with full attention. However, the management can just use the Scavenger Hunt App to lessen the hassle to plan it by themselves and save their precious time.

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