How Can I Score Good Marks In Class 7 English?

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A decent education is a foundation for a fortunate future. Many subjects that are studied in school are in English. So, a good understanding of English is a must for students. Many people are dedicating time to learning English as a second language and children are starting to learn English at a younger age. Learning English can help you to progress your life both personally and professionally. 

In the world, the English language is the largest spoken language. English is the official language which is spoken by 53 countries around the globe. Approximately 20 percent of people on the earth either can speak or understand English. Presently English is used in media industries, science research programs, MNCs, Internet, etc. 

In India's education system, English is a compulsory subject for students. It is an important part of the syllabus and curriculum. Many schools are encouraging students to speak in English and providing a friendly environment. For students, all the subjects are available in English: Science, Social Science, Computer, etc. So, knowing English will increase your chances of getting good marks. Even after the pandemic, online education plays a vital role in learning and students also use the internet for learning, but more than 50 percent of content available on the site is in English. 

For class 7th students it is not tough to learn English and get good marks in English. Even if it is better to start with the beginning, this practice will be helpful to improve your basics. For any language, a student should create understanding rather than mugging up things. Learning English from schooling is good for students. But sometimes they are not pleased to learn English. So here are some tips that help you to learn English easily. This article brings forth tips and tricks on how to score more in class 7th English: 

Learn With Examples 

If students learn the concepts with an example, it makes the concepts easy for them. With the help of an example, they can relate the concepts with reality and the concepts are retained long- lasting if they will start understanding with real-life examples. For any concept, it is ideal to explain with an example. From childhood, students are learning everything from others like what they are doing, they imitate them, etc, so they are prepared to embrace the concept easily with real-life examples. 

Read Phrases Not Words 

If students are focused on learning English then it is advisable to learn from phrases instead of words. It is easy to learn phrases and it can be used by them but words are not easy to use in any situation, even though it is tough to remember so many words. Mainly phrases indicate a situation and it is easy to learn them and use them. Students often forget the words they studied and there are so many words. If they go through the phrases, it is meant to learn all the words related to the phrase.

Prefer A Handmade Vocab Book 

Many students do not write what they studied. It is good for students to make a note of the words they studied. Preparing notes while studying shows the attentive nature of the students. It is often advised by experts to use your pen while learning. Apart from these, handmade notes will be helpful to revise the words again and will retain them for a longer time. Having a vocab book is often found useful whenever you are stuck on any word. 

Learn Frequently Using Sentences 

To learn English, students have to work regularly, these practices will keep them motivated and also boost their confidence. The practice which you are preparing regularly will make you familiar with the language and once you will be familiar with the language, it is easy to learn new things. Most of the students join extra classes for English, the faculties of those classes also suggest these things. Once you start speaking confidently then you need not look back, even if you are not completely prepared. A confident person will use 100 percent of their mind. 

Take A Lead From Idols 

Most of the students need motivation before going to start preparation. So here is the best thing to get motivation from your idols. These idols are the people whom you want to follow. To continue learning things with your idols will give you the power to make yourself able to achieve any target. Most of the time students are trying to imitate the actions of their idols, so convert the actions positively and learn as much as you can. 

Learn Grammar 

Grammar is the main body of the English language. Once you make a grip on grammar then all things will be simple. Students have to learn grammar and use easy and understandable learning material like An Alien Hand Class 7th NCERT Book. This book has to explain everything simply and easily. These books also focus on the basics of the learner. 

Talk With The Natives 

If you learn words regularly and do not use them in daily life then you will forget them in a short time. Instead, try to use them in conversation. It is suggested that students have to talk with their natives and also use the words they learned recently while talking. This practice will revise you to remember and use the words. Also, try to form a group of students, so they can talk in English. 

Watch Movies And Listen To English Songs 

Sometimes students need entertainment while learning. So watching movies in English and listening to songs will be the best idea for them. This will help you to entertain yourself with learning. This practice also helps to increase your vocab and understanding. 

Exceptional English 

All these tips and tricks will help you to understand how to learn and score good marks in English. All these tips make you familiar with the language, once you will be familiar then everything is easy to learn.

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