Dog-Friendly Offices Boost Team Productivity

Dog-Friendly Offices Boost Team Productivity

Companies always want to boost productivity in the workplace. Productivity has a direct effect on pretty much everything a company has to offer, from the way the brand is viewed to how much money can be made each year; in simple terms productivity equals success. 

However, boosting productivity isn't as easy as it seems, getting teams to work well together let alone work well at all, takes a lot of time and effort to figure out the perfect system. Companies have tried pretty much everything to get this to happen and one thing that seems to be working as effectively as anything is adding some cute puppies into the mix. 

Recent studies have shown that dog-friendly business offices have had a surge in productivity and in this article you will see why dogs are a company's best friend. 

When A Dog Is Around People Are More Relaxed 

When you are working in an office, trying to reach that impending deadline, it's easy to feel a little on edge. Often you can feel that your job or your reputation is at stake and that high-pressure situation can lead to job mistakes and even avoidance of work. 

What you need is to be relaxed in one of the most pressure-filled environments on earth. How? Well, it turns out a fluffy pawed friend can ease some of that pressure. Scientists have proven that simply interacting with a canine makes people instantly relaxed. Looking into that puppy's cute eyes and rubbing their belly takes a weight off of your shoulders which allows you to take on tasks with calm and measured mind. 

Teamwork Can Improve 

One of the huge benefits of having a dog in the office is the bond it creates between co-workers. You are all put in a position of caring for an animal which boosts trust as well as improve communication. Having a strong bond in the office leads to tasks getting completed on time, people picking up any slack and a nice atmosphere in general. 

Reduced Stress 

As I mentioned above interacting with a dog makes people relaxed and while that leads to you being able to work with a clear mind, it also has an even better effect; no stress. Stress in the workplace is the most common cause of disputes in the office. It can also cause a lack of trust and motivation. If you remove the aspect of stress completely from the office what you are left with is a workforce who are strong, willing and satisfied; a workforce that is stress-free is a workforce that will be able to work to their full potential and beyond. Work can be ruff... I mean rough... so any positive and healthy workplace addition can pay dividends when it comes to recruiting and maintaining talent.

More Fun Company Culture 

Imagine having a team who actually look forward to coming into work so much that they came in early to get a head start. Sounds a little far-fetched (pun intended) I know, but when you make your office dog- friendly that notion doesn't become so strange. There are no two ways about it: dogs are fun. From their cute faces, lovable licks and endless costume possibilities, when a dog is around, you're having fun. If you want a fun and easy going environment adding a dog or two to the team makes a lot of sense. 

As you have seen from reading this article dogs have a unique way of bringing people together, making them happy and releasing pent up stress. All of which directly affects a team's productivity levels. Having a dog in the office can do wonders to your business so if you have been looking for a new method to boost productivity it might be time to visit the pet store. 

Mia Williams is an accomplished writer and lover of sports and animals. She works at Rufino store, which provides quality handmade dog collars created with care and love.

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I hope you enjoyed this article about increasing your employee productivity and workplace satisfaction with an office dog!

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