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best business software

Nowadays there is so much free and affordable technology out there to help you to run your business. To run and business efficiently, affordable, and correctly, everyone needs at least some software to help them on there way. There is a lot of choice out there, and many products offer similar deals. But which is the best for you and your business? Here are a few examples of ones you could use in your business, and a bit about them, to know if they’re right for you. Good software can help you get ahead, or stay ahead, in the world of business.

Shift Scheduling 

Shift scheduling can be difficult and time consuming if you are in the customer service industry, and done wrong it can cause many problems. Your Employees may have families, other jobs, and do to the unsociable hours of shift work, have other things they need to spend their time on. When I Work is a free app that is used to make this easier. All of your employees can say when they can and cannot work, meaning all of this information is on one place. Covering shifts and requesting holidays is also all done on the app. Simple, but genius, this is a must for many businesses as it can save you a lot of time with trying to schedule shifts and get the covered. 

Calendar Scheduling 

Many businesses require appointments or classes to be booked and paid for, and there is of course software out there to make this simple. This software can all be used by employees, staff, and receptionists to book appointments or classes. It also has features such as waiting lists, payment tracking and easy management tools too. If you run a gym, or a beauty salon, this kind of software can be really useful to streamline your business. This way you, and your employees time, can be better spent, ensuring your business runs smoothly and efficiently. 

Google Docs 

Google Docs might seem can obvious choice, but can utilized many different ways, for many different professions. It can be used for any kind of collaborative writing projects used by students or professionals. It also allows you to track the changes made, and allows others to edit the work. If you want to avoid a long paper trail and keep everyone up to date on documents for the office, or next publication for you website, this is ideal. You do need an internet connection on order for it to work, but this shouldn’t be a problem in this day and age. 

Backing Up & Recovering Files 

If you lose all your online files, appointments, projects, client information or any kind of documents concerning your business, this could potentially be fatal. Manually backing up your files is an option, but realistically this will get done a lot less. This is why online backup services like Mozy are so useful and becoming increasingly essential to modern businesses. It saves whatever you need saving, and does so in real time or even while you are sleeping. 

No one expects disastrous events that mean you need to access backed up files, but backing up online definitely has a distinct advantage compared to manually backing up files. 

Team Communications 

Communicating in small or large company can be challenging, particularly when the projects you are talking about are constantly changing. Slack is a service that enables employees to talk about work and projects, in an efficient way. This means employees don’t always need to be present to know information, and the conversations can be archived and searched for, for extra efficiency. It works alongside other apps for graphs, charts or creative pieces that can be shared and commented on by everyone. Social media is often an inconvenient and inefficient way for employees to communicate and share projects, so software such as this can be really useful. 

This improves workflow, communication, and ultimately means creating and finishing projects can be done faster and with less stress for everyone. Microsoft Teams is one of the popular tool used by small and large enterprises for team collaboration. Learn more about Microsoft Teams pricing with O365CloudExperts.


Managing the books can be a worrisome and time consuming task, but there is software that can put all this information in one place, to save you some peace of mind. Quickbooks is an accounting app that stories and calculates all the facts and figure to do with your business. By Hosting QuickBooks Enterprise on a Cloud Citrix Virtual Desktop you can connect your accountant, track any mileage you have, calculate VAT and run the payroll for your employees. Having all this information in one place, and being able to edit settings from your phone, saves you some time and lets your know how your accounts are looking. Freshbooks is also another option, which could be beneficial for small businesses, and likewise uses a cloud-based system. You can always take advantage of free trials with any of these software programs before you decide to start using the properly. 

Human Resources 

This is something to think about for larger businesses or expanding ones. There is lots of software to help you manage hiring externally and internally from your company. BambooHR is one of many software programs out there that enable to see the CVs of all of your staff and an an employee database and records. This enables you to hire internally in an efficient way, and see who who is right for the job. This software also enables you to access data that is concerned with hiring externally to. It allows you to compare and contrast job openings, which get the most applicants and know your applicant to hire ratio. The Applicant Tracking System is great for hiring, reaching the right candidates, and viewing which applicants are good to hire internally. 

Build A Better Business With The Best Software Programs

There is so much software out there to take advantage of, to help run your business more efficiently, and more cost effectively. This can be as simple as improving communications between employees, or making online booking a simpler a less time consuming task. All of these software programs enable you to have all the information about your business in one place, and gives control over it.

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I hope you enjoyed this article about the best business software out there for your company.

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