Top 25 Best MLM Companies 2023 Worldwide - New Network Marketing Businesses

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In 2023 top MLM (multi-level marketing) businesses are all about making customers healthier and improving their lifestyle. An MLM in 2023 is also about giving the best network marketing salespeople the chance to set their own hours and work upwards towards bigger and better bonus opportunities. The sky is the limit as a successful network marketer. But will you take the plunge for potentially powerful profits? For network marketers and direct selling professionals, fortune favors the bold in business.

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So why would someone want to get started in network marketing in the 2023 economy? MLM and direct sales is about the chance for a better job and overall quality of life on your terms. You can be the boss of your own career and your own life with network marketing and direct selling business options worldwide! You can break out of the 9-5 grind matrix forever if you become successful with multi-level marketing, direct selling, and affiliate sales.

A top MLM company is a home business or a "work from anywhere" business that you can join as long as you have a smartphone, laptop, and WiFi in 2023. You might be a small startup looking for a home to start "work from anywhere" and you can certainly contact The Maloney Team for that. There will be no need to return to the office with the rest of the workforce if you are thriving with a top MLM company! Now 2023 will be the year of money if you can succeed in a new multi-level marketing or direct selling venture. It looks like 2023 will be the year of money for MLMers that are willing to take a few risks and put in the work.

Before we list the best top-ranked MLM companies in 2023 worldwide, let's discuss more about what network marketing is and why you should consider this business model. When used with affiliate marketing, MLM rewards companies with high traffic and leads. This is especially true about highly competitive niches, such as online gambling. Thus, with a power of content marketing and referral programs, you can bring sites of trusted Australian online casinos to the top positions of SERP. 

It really does help to join an MLM company that gets a lot of organic search engine traffic since it helps to build buzz and reputation. If your network marketing business of choice has minimal search results on Google or they are poor, it may not be the best high growth multi-level marketing venture to stick with.

The MLM Business Structure In Top Companies

In multi-level marketing, you earn money from two primary revenue streams: selling products or services and building your downline of successful team member distributors. You get a simple straightforward commission from selling any product or service from your MLM business, or from recruiting new reps to your team. You may earn income from directly recruiting a new downline member, and you will also earn your share of any products they sell or recruits they onboard. As this pattern continues over time, you can earn a lot of money from your MLM company, including that elusive passive income that everyone dreams about. Passive income and diversified revenue streams are the long-term goals for MLMers in 2023 and beyond. 

Passive income from network marketing means you can actually make money while you sleep, take a vacation once in awhile, travel while you earn, and even enjoy the much coveted work-life balance that everyone seems to be missing. Today's newest and most updated MLM companies in 2023 are more automated than ever before so you can recruit downline team members, generate leads, respond to inquiries, and sell products all through customized websites and email software. 

You could view MLM as an ltd company for individuals because they benefit from being part of an existing business without the liabilities that come with the industry losing its profits or finances. Top MLM companies such as Nu Skin give their sales teams the opportunities to run smaller businesses under the umbrellas of a multilevel structure where the current information about the business has already been set up for marketing. All the individuals would need to further market themselves within the MLM by creating sales opportunities that feed the higher power and cut sales. The best MLMs shield their distributors from risk like a private limited company or LLC business structure would.

There are registrations required for members to be listed as part of the network marketing sales team, and in doing so, they are offered incentives to keep them motivated. Many of these registrations require the members to purchase a start-up pack that they can use when marketing with the new MLM business. Essentially what they are taking part in is helping themselves by creating their own small business (though not registered directly as their own) and marketing on behalf of a more powerful MLM corporation in 2023. If someone takes legal action against an MLM company, it is almost always against the corporation itself, as opposed to an independent distributor or upline group.

MLM Allows You To Launch A Big Business On A Shoestring Budget In Any Economy With Low Risk

Network marketing provides an almost unparalleled lucrative opportunity to start your own business from anywhere with a proven business model and minimal initial investment. A low cost and low risk new MLM business is especially tempting in a 2023 economic recession or depression when other startup options aren't viable. 

That means MLM is a smart move right now in 2023 with our global Covid-19 recession with the Coronavirus pandemic limiting loans and reducing income potential for most industries. Retailers and restaurants are rotting, but network marketing and ecommerce are red hot right now. While some traditional business models are trying to reopen or "build back better", MLM businesses continue growing stronger and faster all the while. And as the vaccine rollout continues with a lot of the workforce returning to their office in a disorganized fashion, the best MLM companies are getting even more organized and profitable in 2023. 

MLM Business Advantages

Traditional franchises or other proven business model opportunities cost an unrealistic 5-8 figures (that means $10,000 - $10,000,000+) to get started. Top MLM businesses cost just 2-4 figures to get started and still offer tremendous earning potential. To be more specific, most network marketing businesses cost between $100 and $500 to get started and nearly all new MLMs are under $1,000 to join. And often times new MLM distributors get free network marketing training from the corporation as well as from your upline mentor. 

There are not many business opportunities in the world that allow you the potential to become a millionaire within several years without substantial education, experience, and investment capital. The right MLM company can give you that chance.

Your financial risk is also much lower starting an MLM business in 2023 than another more traditional business model, as long as you use common sense. There is no reason you should ever lose more than a few hundred dollars or a few thousand dollars even if you fail miserably in MLM. It does happen from time to time, but usually those people are financially illiterate and shouldn't own or manage a business of any sort ever. 

If you launch a regular non-MLM startup business, you could easily lose tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars if you fail, and it could cost you everything you own. Now which business model is actually a higher risk? That's right, you could lose all of your money and even your house by starting a traditional business like opening a restaurant or retail store that fails. If you choose the wrong MLM company you may just lose a few hundred dollars if you are quick to realize your error.

You also don't have to deal with much of the massive supply chain disruptions, staff shortages, or inflation in MLM. The network marketing industry is now more digital than ever and it can shield you from this typical economic turbulence in 2023.

Just use common sense and conservative finances with your new network marketing business to reduce risk while optimizing MLM upside.

Get Going And Growing Your MLM Business Right Away 

Starting a traditional business or franchise takes weeks or months of paperwork and building, sometimes even years. But by joining a top MLM company, you can start learning from your upline and growing your downline from Day 1 in the comfort of your own home or on the open road. You could literally recruit several key team members of your network marketing downline the first day you start. 

The bigger your MLM downline, the more passive residual income you will earn every month! Any entrepreneur, investor, or business owner can tell you that passive income is one of the best things to have while pursuing your other business goals that require more time.

Choose The Right MLM Company For You In 2023

While there are always some questionable MLM companies and bad network marketers out there (as there are in all industries), there are plenty of great new network marketer business opportunities out there. The following leading MLM companies and direct selling businesses we have reviewed and rated are at the top of the industry and will only grow as the year progresses with new network marketers making more money. 

The top multi-level marketing companies updated list below are ranked by multiple categories including revenue generation, growth potential, product offering, industry trends, financial security, number of distributors, global expansion, and avoidance of legal trouble just to name a few factors.

Which New MLM Company Is The Best In 2023 Worldwide?

Not all new MLM companies are created equal and not all network marketing businesses offer the same product sales or downline development opportunities. This isn't the same old Top 25 list of boring network marketing businesses like Amway and Herbalife, but no offense to them since they are great companies. They just don't have much growth potential or buzz since they are old legacy MLM businesses. Often times these network marketing businesses can't innovate or pivot fast enough because they are handcuffed by shareholders or bureaucracy. The top new MLM opportunities are usually related to CBD oils, cryptocurrency, forex, loans, or the metaverse as opposed to just regular dietary supplements and clothing or home goods.

But this top-ranked global list update is the best most up-and-coming new network marketing startup brands ready for pre-launch or outstanding opportunity in home business bonuses for you in 2023! These new MLM businesses are leading the way with sleek interfaces and superior technology to earn you more money. Read our ranking list of the 25 best network marketing businesses below for top MLM opportunities.

Top 25 MLM Companies Of 2023: Best New Network Marketing Opportunities To Join Worldwide

1. LiveGood 

LiveGood is a brand new network marketing company that just launched at the end of 2022 with massive growth potential in 2023 and beyond. LiveGood is run by a "who's who" of network marketing success stories such as Ben Glinsky, Ryan Goodkin, Lisa Goodkin, Nauder Khazan, Mike Schiemer, Misha Almira, and Erik Christian Johnson. They have already recruited top MLM professionals to help grow the business rapidly. They are now operating in 195 countries with 350,000 distributors within just 6 months, and even accept crypto payments on products or memberships.

There is still unmistakable buzz about this new MLM business taking the industry by storm. In just a couple of months, LiveGood has become the fastest growing MLM company in the world with over 2,000 people joining daily on average. The early adopters and uplines are making a lot of money and countless people have already profited from joining this new network marketing opportunity. Once you reach Diamond status you and the other Diamonds start sharing 2% of the entire company's profits each month! There is a new level now of Crown Diamond as well for members and their downline that recruit heavily. And you can earn spillover revenue within a few months from your upline earnings even if you aren't recruiting very often.

LiveGood is now expanding into more countries and growing its reputation as a top MLM opportunity. Simply put, LiveGood is the real deal and could be very good for your revenue streams. Live the good life with LiveGood MLM money making by increasing everyone's health and wealth!

The LiveGood brand CBD oil and dietary supplement products are fairly priced or discounted compared to other MLMs. That makes their memberships are very affordable, much to the benefit of distributors and customers. LiveGood may be the most successful MLM company disruptor in 2023 and lead to a lot of income for those getting in on the ground floor opportunity.

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Join MLM leader and serial entrepreneur Mike Schiemer by clicking the link above to build your own frugal business for passive income and multiple revenue streams.

With LiveGood you can truly live good by earning up to $2,047.50 monthly without being required to recruit anyone. That is a true game-changer in the MLM industry, and one of the many reasons why LiveGood is the best network marketing opportunity in 2023.

2. Vasayo 

Vasayo is definitely one of the top new MLM companies to look into for aspiring network marketers. If you have ever popped a vitamin and been doubtful of its effects, Vasayo is a network marketing company you might connect with. Using Advanced Delivery Technology, Vasayo claims that carrier agents and additives in mainstream nutritional supplements prevent the body from actually absorbing the micronutrients that you are trying to take in. Without supplements being bioavailable and able to be utilized by the body, you are essentially just creating expensive urine or worse by harming your internal organs.

This growing network marketing company claims to eliminate these inhibitors, offering capsules to deliver blends of micronutrients targeted towards different health issues, like poor sleep or weight management. Weight loss, health, and dietary detoxes are a crowded MLM niche in 2023 but still very important ones in network marketing with the proper products.

Founded a couple of years ago by seasoned husband and wife business team Dallin and Karree Laresen, Vasayo has a pretty standard MLM structure - the more you sell, the higher you rank in 2023. This top direct-to-consumer (DTC) company offer landmark trip opportunities like cruises to their top members, and bonuses along the way based on how much product you sell. 

For all these reasons and more, Vasayo is definitely one of the best MLM companies in the world for 2021 and 2022. It is also certainly continuing this trajectory in 2023 as well since it is a stabile and successful multi-level marketing organization.

3. Total Life Changes 

Another top MLM company that specializes in health and wellness is Total Life Changes (TLC). Newly rebranded and originally founded by MLM expert Jack Fellon, TLC products are grouped into three main categories: Nutritional, Skin Care and lso Cafe. Their bestseller is a “revolutionary” detox tea made of herbs. The premium multi-level marketing products, like Iaso coffee powered by mushrooms and charcoal-activated toothpaste, feel accessible and have great reviews on Amazon. TLC network marketing has been growing for years and will likely continue its upward trajectory of DTC sales due to the exploding wellness market. 

When you join their MLM team, this network marketing company sets you up with your own website and you keep 50% of every sale in commissions. The more people you bring on board to this direct sales company, the more bonuses you are eligible for. Eventually, TLC might even reward you with a car like a Mercedes-Benz for direct selling success to distributors worldwide. 

4. Senegence 

The multi-level marketing business SeneGence is best known for its LipSense lipstick, which has ridden the Kylie Jenner wave of the voluminous lips beauty trend. Founded by Joni Rogers-Kante, a “single mother with a business plan” two decades ago, this top MLM company offers a great discount for sellers as well as a 50% commission on sales. New network marketers pay a $65 buy-in and are encouraged to purchase kits to buy so that prospective customers can sample your goods. But you also get a free $150-valued kit when you purchase your initial $65 fee.

The lipstick is reported to live up to the hype though - it is semi-permanent and lasts all day long unlike similar products. If you are into beauty trends and are social media savvy, this network marketing company is super relevant and won’t be going anywhere in 2023.

5. Dagcoin 

Cryptocurrency is growing rapidly right now and crypto MLM is one of the hottest niches around in network marketing. Dagcoin MLM markets itself as “The Most Usable Cryptocurrency in the Universe.” Dagcoin’s claim to fame is being faster than Bitcoin, and easier for the layman to use. Founded by infamous Estonia-based European investor Nils Grossberg, the startup currency is only a couple of years old and is based around the idea that the more you invest, the more you earn in Dagcoins. While Dagcoin doesn’t actually sell products to customers, its mission is to make cryptocurrency available to everyone in 2023, which is a noble enough cause and worth looking into for any modern network marketer. 

Plus, you will get a 10% network marketing commission for every friend who invests in Dagcoin MLM. With all the extra money you will be earning with Dagcoin multi-level marketing, you have the opportunity to double or triple it at a cryptocurrencies casino in 2023. Despite the recent crypto crash and current crypto winter, choosing a top cryptocurrency MLM company to join could be a smart play.

Cryptocurrency is still a red hot growing industry, on par with or beating out CBD oil products, so combining crypto with MLM is a recipe for making major money! Join the cryptocurrency revolution and cash in with this top MLM opportunity.

6. Modere 

Originally founded as a direct sales company decades ago but relaunched just a few years ago as the startup brand Modere, this MLM company is all about eco-friendly products for health and home. Modere calls its MLM representatives “social marketers” and the selling structure is heavy on the bonuses, but you do get a commission for selling product and encouraging other social marketers and business bloggers to join. The branding is very strong and the product has some serious hype, especially the 3-pillar weight loss plan. They have a panel of “leading scientists, board-certified physicians and industry experts” who endorse their MLM products. 

As a competitive player in the MLM wellness industry, Modere is definitely a leading network marketing company worth considering if you are highly experienced in direct sales and passionate about sustainable health products in 2023. 

7. doTterra 

Perhaps the best-known MLM company on this list, doTerra has benefited from the natural healthcare trend that’s swelled in the last decade. Founded over a decade ago by David Sterling and some of his peers, all veterans in the holistic health industry, doTerra made millions of dollars in the first 5 years and has only continued to grow. 

This leading MLM company sells essential oils, and wellness products infused with those oils, like deodorant and shampoo. If you become a network marketer salesperson for them, you will get discounts on the products and you make a moderate amount on commissions. To find success joining doTerra MLM, you would be smart to immerse yourself in a community of network marketers who are into the whole homeopathic industry, so that you can secure your position as their essential oil dealer in 2023. 

8. Young Living 

Young living is another essential oils MLM company that wants to help people harness the power of essential oils to live happier, healthier lives. This network marketing founder, Gary Young, got into essential oils back decades ago on his organic herb farm. Today this network marketing opportunity is structured so that Young Living “Business Builders” can receive a commission on the product they sell, with network marketer opportunities for “experiences” and special recognition along the way. 

Young Living also has a list of semi-famous brand ambassadors like Tia Mowry and Alexa PenaVega, who give this multi-level marketing company a high-profile edge in 2023. “My wife loves the Young Living Thieves product. And for good reason, it’s a great product with a good scent”, stated Ben Tejes, co-founder of Thermal Bankruptcy News. "It is a top frugal MLM company for many reasons going into 2023". People are more stressed and sick than ever before right now, so companies that offer stress-reduction products and natural wellness solutions are still in high demand.

9. Valentus 

Known for its super coffee that promises weight loss, called SLIMRoast, Valentus was founded by Dave Jordan 5 years ago. The MLM structure here is pretty standard with a 25% commission for network marketers that join (paid weekly) and bonuses as you move up the sales ranks. 

These network marketing products are for the customer that wants to be super-human. Valentus stands for “prevail,” and everything they sell promises a more resilient body. In addition to the coffee products, they now sell a keto creamer for coffees (the keto diet is very hot right now), immune-boosting supplements, and vials of energy called PrevailMAX. Valentus is the multi-level marketing startup company for health junkies and caffeine connoisseurs who are constantly on the lookout for the next top MLM products in 2023. 

Yes coffee is a congested market right now, but it is also simple and consistent. It is a practical product and Valentus is one of the best coffee MLMs in the world.

10. New U Life 

New U Life is a top new MLM masterminds startup company that offers anti-aging products made with one key ingredient: a homeopathic human growth hormone. Consultants for New U Life MLM should be focused on customers in the 35+ age range, because the SOMADERM gel promises to bring your growth hormone level back to what it was in your 20s. HGH levels drop for most people, especially men, when they turn just 30 years old. This negatively impacts metabolism, lean muscle, recovery speed, and energy levels just to name a few factors.

Alex Goldstein, who founded the network marketer company a few years ago, is a homeopath and naturalist who has worked in the natural foods business for nearly 30 years. He is one of the top MLM founders in the world.

Retail commission for this multi-level marketing company is paid weekly and bonuses are placed as milestones along the way. So if you know enough people who are scared of getting old (let’s face it, we all are) you should have plenty of potential customers buying their top MLM products in 2023. 

11. My Daily Choice & Hempworx CBD Oil MLM

If there is one multi-level marketing trend that is guaranteed to blow up even more in 2023 and beyond, it is CBD oil, also known as cannabidiol. My Daily Choice company founder Josh Zwagil, who went into the MLM business several years ago, knows this fact. This top MLM company has two product lines: My Daily Choice network marketing, which offers sprays to promote general well-being, and Hempworx, CDB-infused oils for humans and CBD oil treats for dogs. There is a whopping 30% to 50% commission offered for network marketer affiliates who start repping these CBD oil goods, and lots of opportunities to get bonuses as you sell more CBD product. 

My Daily Choice CBD MLM claims to be one of the most efficient network marketing companies out there to join in 2023, eliminating “90% of the traditional overhead expenses” so that their CBD oil network marketing affiliates can put more cash in the bank. 

MDC is also expanding their nutritional supplement line of products. They have added premium vegan shakes, powders, and tablets are part of their new line to keep up with companies like Herbalife, USANA, and Beachbody.

New CBD MLM Compliance And Hurdles In 2023

Just be aware that like other CBD companies, MyDaily Choice and Hempworx MLM are cracking down on cannabidiol claims being used in social media and digital marketing. This CBD network marketing business also actively enforce compliance around backlink building, MLM recruitment blog posts, and social media posts. Make sure you look into company compliance terms before you commit to investing in these MLM companies as your new network marketing business opportunity in 2023. While CBD is still a hot and growing market, it also continues to face the growth of criticism, regulation, and competition both in and out of the network marketing sector. The United States just decided to take another look at regulating cannabidiol products again in 2023.

Also keep in mind that some governments, social media platforms and search engines don't look favorably on CBD due to legal issues, exaggerated claims, and dubious sources on top of the criticism that MLM companies face already. But with all that being said, CBD network marketing and direct selling businesses still have tremendous upside, even as the market becomes more mature and saturated. You can still make a lot of money in CBD MLM in 2023 if you do it right due to the high demand!

Akashx By My Daily Choice 

MDC now even offers as one of its products the Akashx cryptocurrency academy, which is an educational platform to help crypto, stock, commodity, and forex traders make more money. It also offers a trading exchange for your investments. This groundbreaking MLM proprietary product not only differentiates My Daily Choice from other network marketing companies, it is a high margin offering with monthly earning potential for distributors. The cryptocurrency industry is booming, so don't miss out on this massive MLM opportunity in the crypto space.

12. Farmasi

Farmasi is a rapidly rising new MLM in the US this year, and could certainly be considered a top contender in the network marketing world. Having almost 70 years of experience in Cosmetics and Skin Care, and being found in over 25 countries, this top network marketing company prides itself on providing consumers with healthy products for every member of your family, created using both European and US Standards, they ban over 1,300 toxins from their products, are cruelty-free and dermatologist tested. Since the Farmasi network marketing company originated in Turkey and is a family owned and operated company, they have a vast product line and are introducing more products to the US as they go for their network marketers. This top MLM also has a very lucrative direct selling commission system that really allows people to excel in their business and work as much or as little as they want to based on their wants and needs. 

This leading network marketing company is expanding quickly in the US, but since it's still new here only about a year old, there is still plenty of room to grow and make a good MLM business for yourself. Beauty Influencers like industry leader Michelle Powell currently working the growing MLM business are extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Farmasi Beauty Influencers are willing to help any newcomer to the company whether they are a seasoned professional with MLMs, or brand new to network marketing. There aren't any hidden fees with this top network marketing company, you get your own website at no cost, no sales quotas, and you get 50% of what you sell off of it. Plus when you order, you get 50% off your products. Then reps can also qualify for additional tiered bonuses based on your sales and that of your MLMs downline group in 2023.

13. David Allen Capital And Bank Breezy

MLM Loans and merchant cash advances (MCA) are also red hot growing niches in MLM after the economic downturn from lockdowns. For this reason, check out David Allen Capital (DAC) and Bank Breezy for a new network marketing and affiliate marketing big-ticket loan / merchant cash advance opportunity with six figure earning potential! It is a free opportunity that really ramped up growth in 2023. Since it is a cost-free MLM company that includes training at no cost, there is zero risk and only upside for 2023!

You help provide small businesses with up to $25,000 in same day working capital through merchant cash advances if they qualify with basic earning amounts. When the banks say no, David Allen Capital and Bank Breezy say yes! And you can recruit other DAC ISO loan agents in your MLM downline to get a piece of each loan they get funded. Impressively, they now even have a purchase financing product as well. This allows any online seller to allow customers to work with DAC to finance a purchase from you, leading to increases in your sales. With their solid financial connections, you can even get massive loans and merchant cash advances approved up to $1,000,000 per customer. 

DAC's latest innovation includes helping small businesses get their Employee Retention Credit (ERC) from the still recent shutdowns that hurt many companies. Add this in to their incredible arsenal of MLM, affiliate marketing, and direct selling income generators. Big recruiters have been earning a lot more spillover revenue from their downline recently as we enter a possible 2023 recession and SMBs need loans.

David Allen Capital and Bank Breezy could be one of the most lucrative MLM options on the market today with so many small businesses, entrepreneurs, and entire industries needing funding fast. It is a top new MLM company option in 2023 if business and finance is your niche market instead of health, beauty, and fashion. 

14. Sisel

Founded by Tom Mower Sr. and his son, the Mowers believed in finding the healthiest alternatives in the health and wellness industry after discovering so many harsh chemicals were in our everyday products. They created Sisel, and brought on the best scientists and built a 300,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Utah. They roast their own coffee in-house with infrared equipment in this top MLM company! 

Their flagship product is Kaffe Instant ($29) and Kaffee Premium ($34) coffee. The compensation plan for Sisel network marketers is 25% plus 6 other ways to earn additional diversified streams of income. There are plenty of ways to learn and earn with Sisel MLM in 2023!

15. Organo Gold 

Founded by Bernardo Chua, Organo Gold’s coffee and tea’s main ingredient is the Ganoderma Lucidum, a Reishi mushroom known to lower cholesterol, boost immune system, may prevent certain diseases, fights fatigue, controls blood sugar, and is a powerful antioxidant. This is a top MLM business for coffee lovers and wellness enthusiasts.

The Organo Gold MLM flagship Product is Gourmet Black Coffee ($27 per box) with countless high reviews online. The Organo Gold MLM compensation plan includes up to 50% commissions on retail orders or $20-$120 per product sold as a distributor. This top MLM business also includes a Dual Team Bonus (paid weekly), Unilevel Bonus (paid monthly), and Unilevel Matching so distributors can get paid 4 levels down on a team global bonus pool.

16. OLSP (One Lead System Pixel) 

OLSP is more of a top new affiliate marketing company that allows you to also recruit new affiliate marketers like an MLM company would. You can earn as you learn, build your email marketing list, drive traffic on social media, and sell affiliate products while recruiting others to your team. You can do free or paid options with OLSP and you don't have to purchase any monthly products like most traditional MLMs. There is free training as well to learn more about network marketing, affiliate marketing, and direct selling.

Free MLM opportunities of high-quality don't come around very often. OLSP is a top new affiliate sales and network marketing hybrid company that you should really look into or try out in 2023! 

17. APLGo

APLGo is a multi-level marketing company that has grown exponentially into 2023. Their product line includes proprietary drops and various premium nutritional products to provide their distributors with. APLGo is a rapidly growing MLM business that could really increase your income potential. Boost your wealth and your health with the APLGo network marketing opportunity!

18. PawTree

PawTree is a rapidly growing MLM business in the pet care space, as you can surmise from their company name. They focus on products for cats and dogs including meal seasonings supplements to help increase animal appetites or take mediocre pet food health to a higher level. This is the perfect network marketing opportunity for vets, vet techs, dog walkers, pet care professionals, or animal enthusiasts in 2023. If you love pets, felines, and canines then this is the perfect new network marketing venture for you!

19. IM Mastery Academy 

The MLM company IM Mastery Academy is a rapidly growing organization with a lot of hype. It offers forex trading platforms and educational products to help investors navigate the dangerous waters of global currencies. Since this multi-level marketing opportunity offers digital products instead of physical ones, its margins are sky-high. It is one of the fastest growing MLM companies in the world now and taking advantage of the growing interest in investing due to the latest crazes and high inflation still pervasive in 2023. 

20. Level Thrive 

Level Thrive is a network marketing business that focuses on weight loss products and wellness items. Their products are great for joint health, muscle-building, and anti-aging as well. Level Thrive has been around for nearly a decade at this point but still has room for sales growth. With this MLM company you can lose weight, feel great, and earn extra income for you and your downline. Direct selling enthusiasts will enjoy improved health and wealth with this multi-level marketing opportunity.

21. Hungry Bark 

Hungry Bark is a unique MLM company that makes the list because it focuses on the explosive growth sector of pet care and animal health. This business offers dietary supplement chews and food mixes to help dogs live their best canine life. Unlike other pet MLMs, this brand focuses on just dogs and not cats or other popular animals. Dog lovers must check out this up and coming MLM business opportunity. Hungry Bark could bring in the big bucks for bold MLM entrepreneurs in 2023! Turn your passion for pets into potentially powerful profits with Hungry Bark network marketing.

22. Jeunesse 

Jeunesse is a popular established but still growing MLM company that is worthy of any rep's consideration. They offer a large number of skincare, anti-aging, nutrition, and wellness products with a strong compensation plan for distributors that sell high volume and recruit to their downline. While it doesn't have the rapid growth rate or buzz that it used to, don't discount Jeunesse as one of the best MLMs to join for 2023.

23. Arieyl 

Arieyl is a newer network marketing business that has a veteran leadership team propelling its profits. This top fast growth MLM business focuses on the CBD oil sector and has exploded out of the gate with a lot of distributors with strong product sales. While it is no longer a ground floor or pre-launch opportunity, it is still early for this MLM company with more growth potential in sight for 2023. Arieyl is still a multi-level marketing opportunity with fast growth and buzz still around it. 

24. Sunrider 

Sunrider is a large MLM company that started off as a family owned business decades ago. They own thousands of franchised stores and tens of thousands of independent distributors growing their network marketing business. With multiple factories and business dealings in nearly 50 countries, Sunrider has annual incomes of nearly $1 billion. Sunrider and its healthy dietary supplement products could be a top MLM company for 2023 even though it has been around for a long time.

25. Longrich 

Longrich has been around for several decades and has more recently converted into a successful MLM company. They offer health, organic, and cosmetic products that are sold around the world by direct selling reps. Longrich International is not without its critics but it still runs a massive network marketing business in dozens of countries around the world in 2023. 

More Top MLM Business Runner-Ups For 2022-2023

While the network marketing companies above were the top 25 MLM businesses to join in 2021 and 2022, there are plenty of other lucrative or new multi-level marketing opportunities. Here are the best runner-up MLM companies and direct selling businesses for 2022 and 2023.

- Advocare
- The Pampered Chef
- Monat
- LuLaRoe
- It Works!
- Shaklee
- Vorwerk 
- Infinitus 
- Natura 
- Against All Odds

Look into all of these top MLM and direct sales companies as well to increase your chances of network marketing success and making massive money! 

Even More New Top MLM Companies To Consider In 2022 And 2023

Here are even more of the best network marketing businesses to consider joining in 2023.

- Mint Builder 
- Forever Living
- Norwex
- Neolife
- Lux International
- Oriflame
- Deese Cosmetcis
- Zepter International
- ACN 
- Elomir 
- Viiva 
- Beyond Slim 
- Olbali 
- Pink Millionaire Club 
- Playcare Health 
- UR Worth It 
- Tava
- OnPassive 
- Viiva 
- Bella Grace 
- List Infinity

Elomir especially is a new MLM company that is perfectly poised for huge growth, along with the #LiveGood opportunity.

More New MLM Companies Generating Big Buzz

Here are some additional new MLM companies to look into for 2023 opportunities:

• Enersource International
• Daily Digital Club 
 SuperDraft Pro 
• Team Build Club
• Royaltie Gems 
• Jerky Direct 
• Lifebrook 
• Q Sciences 
• Perfectly Posh 
• Kannaway 
• Youngevity 
• Matrix Empire

These top new networking marketing companies are excellent options to join for profitable passive income opportunities with multiple revenue streams. 

Top Publicly Traded MLM Companies 

Let's say you want to join an MLM business that is publicly traded on a major stock exchange. Or perhaps investing is more of your specialty and you want to invest in network marketing stocks instead of joining an organization. Here are some of the top publicly traded MLMs: 

- Herbalife
- Beachbody
- Natura
- Tupperware
- Usana
- Primerica 
- Nu Skin

There are always MLM companies that are planning an IPO or being delisted like Beachbody (a penny stock that still has upside since it brings in a lot of sales monthly), so it is important to stay on top of these stocks as an investor. A few them of them like Nu Skin, Natura, and Primerica pay small quarterly dividends as well, but most MLMs don't have the financial security or growth potential to pay a steady dividend to shareholders. You could always invest in these top MLM stocks instead of the companies, and get quarterly dividend passive income added to your revenue streams.

Join A Top New MLM Company Today

Of course, the biggest MLM companies of 2021 and 2022 are still network marketer stalwarts like Herbalife, Amway, Arbonne, Avon, Mary Kay, Natura, Vorwerk, Nu Skin, Tupperware, Primerica, Rodan And Fields, Beachbody, Jeunesse, and Market America to name just some of the perennial top titans of network marketing. But these top network marketing businesses just don't have the energy, momentum or upside of the newer top multi-level-marketing startups mentioned above. They may have more stability and experience, but the growth rate has topped out years ago, especially for new distributors looking to join in 2023. 

The choice is yours to go with a traditional MLM vs new MLM for 2023. There are pros and cons of old-school MLM vs new-school network marketing, and you must weight them carefully.

Maximize Your MLM Money Making Mission

Regardless of what new network marketing or direct sales company you sign up for, you always have the potential to earn massive income. If you are just getting started in MLM, increase your chances of success and join one of the top new network marketing businesses and pre-launches today for optimal opportunity in 2023!

Thanks for reading our Top 25 best ranked network marketing company and pre launch global list fellow and aspiring MLM masterminds. We wish you a productive and successful 2023 in network marketing full of strong sales and rapid recruiting. Double your downlines and dominate in direct sales today with the best MLM companies in the world!

Opt For Top MLM Companies & Avoid Pyramid Schemes

There is a big difference between a top MLM company and a pyramid scheme. A simplified definition of a pyramid scheme (or Ponzi scheme in some cases) is a business model that requires independent distributors to make the majority of their money by recruiting downline members as opposed to actual product sales. There have been dozens of MLM companies shut down by the governments for being pyramid companies such as Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing. Many of them get sued and shut down eventually by the FTC before you can join them, but you must always be vigilant that the MLM company you join isn't a pyramid scheme and doesn't become one in 2022 and 2023. 

If you don't research and monitor your network marketing company, you could lose a lot of time, money, and credibility in 2022 or 2023 from an MLM lawsuit or FTC shutdown. You'll only get pennies on the dollar back if an MLM company gets shut down and a class action lawsuit is successfully filed against the network marketing business.

Make sure you pick a top MLM business that actually has a strong product offering with a proven record of product sales, and not just downline recruiting. Direct selling of actual quality products at a competitive price should be a main component of your MLM company choice, and not just how to hustle for a higher number of downline reps. Do your due diligence when choosing the right network marketing partner in 2022 and 2023. If you  need assistance determining the best MLM company to join, work with a direct selling strategic consulting firm for their expertise on all things business and network marketing. 

But unfortunately not even top MLM experts or the best network marketing insiders can tell you exactly which companies will become successes and which will get shutdown over the next several years. Stay updated and educated on the multi-level marketing industry for clues.

Learn More About MLM Companies & Network Marketing Success In 2022 And 2023

I hope you enjoyed this article about the top 20 multi-level marketing companies and startup opportunities and pre-launches of 2023 for network marketing that you can join. These new direct sales or MLM companies we reviewed and rated are the future for independent distributors and business leaders, even in an economic recession with opportunities limited by a Coronavirus pandemic. Joining of these top MLMs could even make you a millionaire in 2023 and beyond! 

SEO & SMM For Increased MLM ROI

There is a lot of competition out there when it comes to network marketing and direct selling. If you want to be successful with an MLM business, you need to stand out from the rest. Since most MLM entrepreneurs are on a budget and bootstrapping their business venture, affordable and flexible digital marketing strategies make a lot more sense than expensive traditional advertising options. So don't forget to promote your MLM business with a combined social media, email marketing, and SEO strategy. SEO is especially complex when promoting network marketing, so you should really hire SEO expert professionals to help promote your direct selling business and MLM downline recruitment in 2023. The right digital marketing strategies can really drive growth for your MLM business.

Learn More About MLM & Network Marketing Success For 2022 And 2023

There is still a lot more to learn about top MLM companies and achieving network marketing success on your own terms. You need to do your research, put in the work, along with a little trial and error thrown in like any other business.

Interested in more articles about the best new MLM businesses, pre launch network marketing, home business, and direct selling companies for 2023? Here is how to succeed in your first year of working in MLM. Study these tips and tactics for success as a new network marketer.

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