4 Strategies To Boost Team Spirit At Work

strategies boost team spirit at work increase employee morale

Did you know that 54% of employees say that a strong sense of community (great coworkers, celebrating milestones, a common mission) kept them at a company longer than was in their best interest? This goes to show the importance of being a team in a business and this can impact key areas such as productivity, morale, and employee retention. 

It is vital that you make sure that the standard business practices and HR systems are in place, but you also need to know how to boost your team using holistic methods particularly with the rise of remote working. So, what are the best strategies for boosting spirit and energy within the team? 

1. Mentorship Or Buddy System 

Starting a new job can be daunting, especially when it seems that everyone is already tight knit. A smart way to integrate new employees and to help them to feel an instant connection is with a mentorship/buddy system. This gives them the chance to have any questions that they have answered, have someone to look to for support and make it easier to socialise in a new role. 

2. Team Building Events And Socials 

Team building events are a tried and tested method for improving relationships and creating a team-based mentality. Additionally, you can use informal social events to build connections in a relaxed setting. With many now working remotely, team building events and socials have become even more important and you should look to host both online and offline events. 

3. Open Communication 

In order for people to feel connected to others and support, you need to encourage open communication. This is the foundation of teamwork and collaboration and will help to create stronger connections. Additionally, you need to have little barrier between employee levels and encourage staff to come forward with ideas, questions and concerns that they have to help them to feel valued (while also bringing new viewpoints to the table). 

4. Working To Employee Strengths 

Working to the strengths of your employees is smart and helps the business in a few ways. First, you avoid wasting time trying to get a performance out of employees that are unsure if their contributions are valued while also increasing productivity. Employees that work to their strengths will find their role to be more rewarding and enjoyable, which should boost morale and productivity. 

Take Team Spirit To The Next Level

These are a few of the best ways that you can boost team spirit at work and create a stronger connection between all staff. Combining these together should have a powerful effect on your employees and business as a whole by improving morale, productivity and employee retention levels amongst other benefits. Not only this, but they can help to create a positive atmosphere in the workplace which is something that everyone can benefit from.

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