10 Habits To Help Pass The JEE Test On The First Attempt

how to pass jee test first try engineering exam study guide

The completion of board exams heralds the start of the most crucial period in a student's life: appearing for various entrance exams. JEE MAIN is one such vital examination. JEE Main is one of India's most popular and rigorous national-level entrance exams, conducted by the National Testing Agency to students interested in engineering careers. Every year, countless students take this competitive Joint Entrance Exam with one objective in mind: to gain admission to some of the country's most famous institutions, such as IITs, NITs, IIITs, CFTIs, GFTIs, and many others. As one of the most difficult admission tests in the world, few people know how to fully prepare for JEE and lack the necessary instruction. 

If you haven't started preparing for the test yet, here are 10 suggestions and techniques to support you in understanding how to prepare for JEE Mains Exam more efficiently. Continue reading to find out what these suggestions and approaches are! 

1. Study Material Selection 

The quality of your study materials will have a significant impact on your exam success. The most significant component in achieving success in the JEE Main examination is the quality of the study material used. The majority of the questions in the paper are from the Class XI and XII syllabus, and most of them are covered in the NCERT Books. Choosing NCERT Reading books while studying can be really beneficial, regardless of which bard you are. Aside from that, you might look for other publications that will help you comprehend the concepts more deeply and better by solving more challenges. You may get a list of the finest books for JEE Mains 2021 preparation here. 

2. Make A Schedule 

The most significant element to success is unquestionably time management, especially while preparing for an exam like JEE Mains. It is critical that you make a schedule for yourself that encompasses all of your subjects. Students must give equal importance to all subjects and prepare for them according to the timetable. Remember to take 15-minute breaks between long hours of study. Make your own schedule because you are the only one who knows what is best for you. Many students lament the fact that they study for hours yet receive no results. This is due to the fact that consistency is essential for success, thus preparing in a timely manner. Do not devote more than three hours to any subject in one sitting, as you may become overburdened. Always rotate the subjects and go over them one by one. 

3. Formulas Right At Your Fingertips 

To do well on the JEE Main Exam, you must have all of the physics, chemistry, and math formulas at your fingertips. There should be no room for vagueness in the formula. At the same time, theoretical themes should be given special consideration. Furthermore, a list of themes should be created based on their weightage in the paper, with the ones with the highest weightage receiving special attention. 

4. Take Brief Notes While Studying 

Make a habit of taking quick notes while studying that can be used for revision. Aside from the formulas, make a note of any points or critical details that you may need to update at the last minute. Along with that, JEE MAIN PRACTICE PAPERS can be helpful before your test taking time. 

5. Stay Away From Mindless Memorization 

It is common for students to prepare for exams by memorizing material without understanding them. These kids, on the other hand, feel helpless when a question is presented, even slightly twisted. Churning is a bad habit that will never lead to success. The fundamental ideas must be understood. Reading should not be regarded as a chore; rather, it should be enjoyed. 

6. Mock Examinations And Previous Year Papers 

It is critical to solve previous year's papers and take practice examinations in order to succeed in the exam. Solve at least the last 6-7 years' worth of exam papers. This will give you a better understanding of the paper's difficulty level, how the questions are asked, and how much time it will take to complete it. 

7. Stay Informed 

Your preparations will never be complete if you are not informed of the most recent examination updates. You should have accurate knowledge about Exam Patterns, Syllabus, Marks, Exam Dates, Exam Timing, and so on before preparing for the exam. 

8. Coaching Centers 

Coaching centers are helpful in scoring 200+ in JEE Mains since they focus primarily on the areas included in the exam and force students to practice important questions. Students are required to take practice tests, which assist them in improving their grades. You can simply achieve good grades with the assistance of a coaching facility. However, there is no doubt that self-learning is the superlative option, but coaching institutes can provide additional assistance if you encounter any difficulties. 

9. Do Not Squander Time 

If you are stuck on an exam problem, don't spend too much time on it. Leave the test question alone and go on to the next. A student's rank is determined by how many right answers they provide. Because there is minus marking in the India engineering exam, you should never guess answers or try your luck aimlessly. 

10. Look After Your Health 

Health equals wealth for students and engineers. There is no way you can achieve well in the exam if you are not healthy. Never overstress yourself due to your academics, and continue to participate in other things while studying for JEE Main. Try to stay active because a fit body has a larger potential to learn than a weak one. Make sure you get 7-8 hours of rest per day to improve your concentration on the engineer exam. 

Final JEE Test Taking Advice

One extra piece of advice is that students have a cheerful attitude at all times. If a candidate has a positive mindset and an optimistic approach to the examination, the sky is the limit. If you need to top this Joint Entrance Exam, you must be passionate, meditate, have high morale, and be dedicated. Study hard and good luck!

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