Benefits Of Using A Temp Agency For Staffing Needs

benefits using temp agency staffing needs

When companies need to fill a short-term position, they use staffing agencies. Various industries use staffing agencies to hire workers on a temporary and permanent basis. Business owners who want to reduce training time and overhead costs should consider them. 

The employee hiring and onboarding process can be time-consuming and complex. Sorting through hundreds of potential candidates takes more time than you may have if you need staff quickly. With so many workers now using online platforms like looking for Swipejob careers with Lensa, the number of potential candidates could be overwhelming. 

Handing over the interview and hiring process to a temp agency can save both money and time. Let's take a closer look at just some of the impressive benefits of using an agency to fulfill your staffing needs. 

Fewer Overtime Wages 

A substantial part of a business's budget can be devoted to overtime pay. By providing businesses with employees who can work extra hours when needed, staffing agencies are able to eliminate the need for overtime pay. If you are going through a period of high demand, this can be a great way to keep your costs down. For businesses with seasonal highs, temporary staffing can greatly relieve your permanent employees and get the job done while avoiding overtime costs. 

Reduced Overhead 

Businesses can reduce overhead costs by using a Temp Agency, which is highly beneficial no matter the size. Consequently, companies can save money on the benefits they provide, such as 401K contributions or health insurance coverage. 

Simplified Onboarding 

In the process of training a new employee, a great deal of time and resources are required. Companies can save money on training costs if they hire staffing agencies to provide them with pre-qualified workers. With expertise in their line of work, staffing agencies can professionally handle screenings, background checks, and interviews. The risk associated with hiring new employees will be reduced due to this step. 

Limited Payroll Responsibilities 

Businesses do not have to worry about payroll when they use staffing agencies. All of this will be handled by the staffing agency on their behalf. The administrative side of the business is streamlined, saving time and money. 

Temporary employees will keep track of their hours and submit their timecards to the agency, not your payroll department. Essentially, each temp worker is an agency employee that is on loan. This means that the agency pays each temp worker, including all of the additional payroll costs. In most cases, managers must sign off on a worker's timecard hours before submitting them to the agency. 

Extended Hiring Pool 

A temporary staffing agency has an extensive database of candidates to offer companies. If businesses hire independently, they would have less access to talent. Staffing agencies have hundreds of candidates who have already been vetted. Staffing agents can easily and quickly find an appropriate candidate for your company's needs. 


Companies are only as good as the quality of their employees. When you work with a temp agency, your company can streamline the onboarding process, get the extra help you need during busy seasons, and save money on overhead. If you have specific temporary or permanent staffing needs, consider these benefits of working with a temp agency.

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