3 Benefits Of NFPA 70E Training For Electrical Workers

benefits nfpa 70e training electrical workers

No two days are the same for electrical workers, whether for repairs or new installations. But one thing remains consistent - the need to handle high voltages safely and prevent serious injury. That is where comprehensive NFPA 70E training comes in. By learning critical compliance standards with the National Fire Protection Association, workers gain the skills and awareness to feel confident on any job site. 

NFPA 70E establishes safety protocols for employees exposed to electrical hazards. Initially developed in 1979 and regularly updated, the standard aims to protect over 100,000 lives annually. 

Following its guidelines proves you and your company prioritize team well-being above all else. Benchmark, a top provider of electrical safety solutions, helps explain some key ways NFPA 70E training benefits individuals and businesses. 

1. Protecting Your People: Learning Life-Saving Procedures 

NFPA 70E covers multiple arc flash and shock prevention methods. Training exposes technicians to protective measures like using insulated tools, maintaining safe distances, and properly performing lockout/tagout tasks. 

Perhaps most importantly, individuals learn about personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements. The standard sets minimum PPE ratings to shield workers during energized work based on potential exposure to arc flash energy. 

Understanding when extra layers of protection become necessary could mean the difference between walking away unscathed versus suffering life-changing burns. Committing to ongoing education upholds your duty of care for crewmates. 

2. Ensuring Compliance: Avoiding Costly Citations 

Staying updated on electrical regulations benefits the bottom line, too. Not only does thorough NFPA 70E compliance prevent accidents and medical bills, but it also spares companies from hefty fines. 

Per OSHA, fines can reach over $100K for willful or repeated violations. Safety managers count on training programs to guarantee staff knows standards. With proper documentation of NFPA 70E training instruction, safety managers get the records they need. This allows them to verify that no one works on live electrical equipment unless they have been properly trained and authorized according to the standards. 

Keeping inspectors satisfied in this way means fewer surprises down the road. 

3. Boosting Your Brand: Signaling You Value People As Assets 

In any field, clients want reassurance that they hire professionals who are committed not just to the job but to their well-being, too. Electrical contracting demands constant vigilance, given the risks. 

By prioritizing NFPA 70E certification, you display your concern for workers as people - not just a means to an end. Word gets around the trades of companies who regard safety as a top priority. Your reputation grows as one customer feels good handing over their homes and businesses too. 

After all, a crew takes care of its own reflects how they will care for client needs. Whether new hires or veterans, continuous NFPA 70E education assures no one falls through the cracks on safety best practices. The standard exists to protect life - but empowers professionals too. 

Gaining NFPA 70E expertise means walking job sites confidently, knowing your worth goes beyond experience or skills. Training affirms you as a valued person first and foremost. For crews and clientele alike, that sends the right message everywhere work takes you. 

Benefits Of NFPA 70E: In Conclusion 

Maintaining a culture where people feel both protected and valued delivers results for electrical companies at every level. NFPA 70E training spells it all out - and that spells success.

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