7 Top Tech Tools To Improve An HR Department

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Given the global dynamics in this Information age, technology has disrupted and affected almost every space, including business. We are seeing the integration of technology tools in the management of many organizations and human resources is not an exception. Yes, technology is improving Human resource recruitment and talent management niche, with many HR professionals adapting quickly to this trend. There are lots of good tools that HR professionals can use to fine-tune HR and admin tasks. 

Let’s look at some tops human resource tech tools that you should be using in your business. 

7 Top Tech Tools To Improve Your HR Department 

1. Recruiting Software 

Any business will want to find and recruit top talent for a variety of roles in the setup. Given that the process of searching for the best fit to fill a vacancy in an organization is one of the most daunting assignments for HR pros, recruiting software has come in handy to streamline the hiring process. 

The recruiting software is usually programmed to automate the process of posting jobs, reviewing resumes and interviewing candidates, etc. 

As such, it not only eliminates the paperwork but also saves the time, money, and efforts that would otherwise have been invested in searching for the desired talent to bring on board. 

2. Employee Engagement Tools 

There is another useful category of tools known as employee engagement tools. Just as the name suggests, these tools are good at improving employee engagement before and during employment. For example, they can improve communication, which is important for HR professionals. 

An example of an engagement tool that can improve communication is video conferencing platforms like Skype. The tool has proved to be efficient in facilitating video, text, and phone conversations between individuals and groups of individuals in the workplace, particularly in remote work. HR professionals are using this tool to source and vet remote talent from around the world. 

Slack is another tool that’s growing in popularity in a remote work setup. It’s helping HR teams manage remote employees. They can be able to get employees to stay connected and engaged in a distributed fashion. The tool allows teams to share files, reach out to others faster, and hold private conversations, etc. 

3. Human Resource Information System 

Also referred to as a Human Resource Management System, the technology helps to input, store, organize, and track the employees’ data flow within the organization. The system is instrumental to the HR as it helps in organizing such data as employee profiles, schedules for meetings, and attendance records. 

It is therefore important for the HR managers to learn about Human Resources Information Systems, how they function and how they can be customized and adapted to perform specific roles based on the organization’s needs. 

4. Performance Review Technology 

The tool helps in tracking the performance of an individual staff member throughout their time in the organization. It does so by saving notes from data and feedback collected over time, usually ahead of the performance evaluation meeting by both the employer and the employee. The tool is essential in that it helps HRs in their role to improve teams. It also helps in measuring the feasibility of goals for a given period. 

5. Payroll Processing Tool 

One of the roles of the HR department is to handle employee compensation, and this is where payroll systems come in. They can automatically calculate and tracks paychecks, deductions and pretty much everything in terms of employee payment and corresponding taxes. It significantly reduces the arduous hustle of preparing the employees' payrolls plus it reduces errors. 

6. Employee Benefits Management Tool 

Tracking paid time off, compensations, perks, retirement benefits, and health insurance plans on paper can be extremely tedious. A benefits management tool can help organize benefits data for employees and stores it for future retrieval and use. It’s a nice way to also fine-tune reward programs for your team. 

7. Employee Feedback Tool 

It’s also important for the HR team to be able to get relevant feedback from the employees, especially on the organization’s culture and policies. The employee feedback helps the HR team figure out the necessary areas to improve on and the actions to take towards the betterment of the organization. 

Again, there are some good tools for this that your human resources department can utilize. Some good examples are Google Forms and Survey Monkey which can be used in gathering and compiling feedback for HR. 

Try These Top Tech Tools For HR Experts 

Although technology has proved to be inseparable with the success of an organization in this era, it is always wise to find tools that fit the needs of your organization. Use HR tools that are easy to adopt and implement, user-friendly, and also easy to maintain.

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