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You already have a business plan, you researched the market and your product is ready to be released on your new ecommerce site. Additionally, you have developed the perfect marketing plan that has also positioned your site high on search engines in the past. You seem to have planned everything perfectly. But for months after your launch, you realize that no one has been able to contact your company. 

The effectiveness of an ecommerce cannot be understood without a detailed communication plan. A strategy that allows for communication between the business, their clients, and managers alike helps create a lot of communication. 

Therefore, it is important to plan out which communication techniques you will use on your ecommerce site. 

The Importance Of Communication Techniques For E-Commerce 

Offering a customer service phone number on an e-commerce website is fundamental in improving the customer service experience. 

We understand customer experience as all the experiences the customer has with the brand through the different channels: from the web, contact methods, etc. With this experience, the customer creates a perception of the company, its values, its products, etc. 

We define customer experience based on what channels are used (the internet, phone, text, etc). 

Improving the customer experience therefore implies establishing communication channels through which users can contact the company to resolve any doubts or incidents. With the possibility of combining several of these techniques to offer more possibilities of contact to the customers, depending on which one is more adapted to each one of them. 

In short, an ecommerce that establishes different channels of communication can improve the image of the company at the same time as increasing product sales. 

Communication Techniques For Ecommerce 

Among the many communication techniques that may be used for an ecommerce site, here are some of the most popular methods: 

Contact Number 

Providing a contact number, although it seems like a traditional technique, is always a good idea for ecommerce. 

The most effective way to use this strategy is by providing the contact number on the top bar of a website menu, so that the customer is able to purchase the product from the beginning. You can also add this number to the contact us section of your website, along with an email and contact form. 

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Email Or Contact Form 

Some users prefer to contact businesses via email or a contact form, especially if they are not in a hurry. Today, the contact form is the preferred method for companies to request information from a client or customer. 

Click To Speak 

A click to speak call button can be added to your website. It allows users to simply click on the button to automatically launch a call. With a click to call button, users can speak to a representative immediately. 


This method is a more personal service offered to customers visiting a website. They are able to speak with a customer service agent immediately or to an automated artificial intelligence system. 

A chat box is considered to be one of the more personalized ways to speak to customers. 


Using an FAQ section on your ecommerce website allows you to adapt to the needs of customers. FAQs are based on anticipating the needs of customers, knowing the type of questions that could be asked with some products, delivery methods or the product in general. 

The answers to the FAQs should be clear and concise. 

They should answer any questions or concerns that the user may have, but make it clear that they can still contact your company at any time. 

Today, you can send a message or make calls to any company, whether it's through a form, click to speak or simply calling their customer service number. These calls are usually automated with a CRM tool, thanks to virtual PBX systems that allow integration with call center software

It is important to note that communication techniques can be combined with each other. In fact, the most effective way is to offer users different communication methods. They may decide which one they want to use to contact your company. 

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