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These days it is imperative to be frugal when it comes to your finances, whether it is personal or business financials you are focusing on. Without proper financial discipline and management, your startup or small business will be destined to fall short. Your personal money management can go awry and your savings can turn into debt. Without adequate revenue generation or investment capital, it will be nearly impossible to expand your business or move up in the world financially. 

In today's shaky economy, frugal finance is more important than ever before for people and businesses. Many businesses, organizations, and individuals need financial assistance and education these days. Inflation is running rampant with no immdiate end in sight and supply chains are still shaken up from recent events. Companies need to keep their heads above water financially speaking until volatility is reduced and the future is more predictable. If you don't have a financial plan as an individual or a business, you are planning to fail in finance. Financial failure is running rampant recently.

You need to know your numbers and stay on budget with your business bookkeeping! That same knowledge and discipline of accounting and budget management is also needed for successfully investing in other companies, stocks, funds, retirement accounts, real estate properties, bonds, forex, precious metals, and even cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ethereum. You also need a working knowledge of fintech and blockchain to understand how digital money is changing everything in the new economy.

Investment carries volatility and risk, but it is also risky now just to leave your money in a savings accounting accruing almost no interest and losing spending power monthly. You must save, be frugal, and invest strategically for overall financial success long-term. Luckily there are now high yield savings accounts that are safe options and FDIC insured up to $250,000 with 4% interest rates or slightly higher.

While they unfortunately don't teach this type of financial information in most schools, luckily there are plenty of free educational resources online to help with your frugal finances. You just need to know what websites and videos to trust when it comes to frugal finance. Unbiased and objective common sense financial insights are key to help your money work harder for you with frugal finances. 

The global economy is starting to crumble under the pressure of health crises, inflation, crime, natural disasters, climate change, greed, supply chain disruptions, and political instability. Practicing frugal finances and masterful money management may be your only way to survive and thrive in the new economy. 

Discussing finances and money are often frowned upon and are even considered impolite or taboo. We don't feel that way at all here and you will find every kind of financial topic discussed below. If a person or business wants to achieve financial freedom in today's day and age, all options must be considered. There is no cookie cutter approach to financial success any longer with today's economics.

At Bootstrap Business we work to help your financial future. Frugal Finance is our specialty because it never hurts to maximize every penny spent and saved. Here are some great frugal finance articles to help maintain your own financial fitness, avoid financial scams, grow your ROI, minimize liability, and improve the frugal finances of your company:

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Keep your finances frugal my friends. It's important to master your money and make it work for you! And make sure to join me on the Robinhood trading platform or Webull to earn your free share of stock or crypto. Get started growing your portfolio today for frugal finance fortunes!

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