The Big Short Quotes

The Big Short Movie Quotes

If you haven't read the book by Michael Lewis (Moneyball) or seen the award-winning movie, The Big Short (Inside The Doomsday Machine) is about the massive financial crisis that occurred in 2008 due to Wall Street greed and ridiculously flawed mortgage schemes. 

While the global recession caused a temporary increase in regulation and caution, the banking and investing world are already pretty much back to business as usual. Mortgage quotes and quotas are just like before the crash! Oh well, we'll just have to make sure we make our own intelligent decisions with money. And either read the book or see the movie, The Big Short. 

Here are some of my favorite quotes from the movie The Big Short from author Michael Lewis:

1)  "The lesson of Buffett was: To succeed in a spectacular fashion you had to be spectacularly unusual." 

2)  "That was the problem with money: what people did with it had consequences, but they were so remote from the original action that the mind never connected the one with the other."  

3)  "How do you make people feel wealthy when wages are stagnant? Give them cheap loans."

4)  "What are the odds that people will make smart decisions about money if they don't need to make smart decisions -- if they can get rich making dumb decisions? The incentives on Wall Street were all wrong; they're still all wrong."

The Big Short Movie Quotes

5)  "A home without equity is just a rental with debt."

6)  "Any business where you can sell a product and make money without having to worry about how the product performs is going to attract sleazy people."

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7)  "Writing a check separates a commitment from a conversation." (via Warren Buffett)

8)  "Success was an individual achievement. Failure was a social problem." 

Thanks Michael Lewis for all of the memorable quotes in The Big Short book and movie! 

The Big Short Movie Quotes Michael Lewis Quotations

I hope you enjoyed these 8 great business quotes from The Big Short movie and book by Michael Lewis.

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