4 Red Flags If Investing In Gold And Silver IRA

red flags investing in gold silver ira precious metals retirement account

What you know as the Individual Retirement Account scheme has a very rich history. The motive for establishing this scheme was to ensure that workers had something tangible to fall back on after their years of active service. 

Of course, its establishment was necessitated by the situation at that time. Seeing retirees suffer financial hardship after putting in so much effort during their time in active service called for certain changes. The IRA scheme happened to be one of such changes. 

Well, you should know that this scheme has grown over the years. This is especially as it concerns investment portfolios. Several years ago, it was impossible to invest in some portfolios that are now permitted. 

Precious metals such as gold and silver are examples. However, the rules of the game changed in light of certain happenings. The point here is that it is now possible to invest in precious metals such as silver and gold using the self-directed IRA option. 

This is just a bit of the IRA history as there is more info that you should be aware of. For more on the history of the Individual Retirement Account, you can visit our Finance and Investing sections. 

Well, it is not enough to understand how the scheme got underway as someone planning to invest in gold or silver using this scheme. You equally need to know how to go about investing. This is why you need to be aware of certain things to avoid when the need to invest in Gold and Silver IRA arises. 

This article will do justice to this. This is as we will walk you through some signs that suggest a gold and silver IRA company does not tick the right boxes and should be avoided. You are advised to keep reading and to pay attention as the details discussed here are important. 

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Signs That Suggest A Gold And Silver IRA Company Is Not Credible 

There are tons of companies that have been established to ensure people make the most of the IRA scheme by investing in Gold, silver, and other approved precious metals. However, you should know that not every one of them is good enough. 

Sometimes, this has absolutely nothing to do with their experience as investment service providers. It is more about what they are willing to offer their account holders. Here are some red flags you should be aware of to ensure you end up with the right one among the several options: 

pushy ira brokers

Pushy Sales Agent 

It is understood that companies want more account holders in their books. After all, this is largely how they generate their revenue. But in the bid to get more people on board, the right company would do this the right way. 

Being unreasonably pushy is not the right way. Companies that have sales agents who are pushy in their approach to marketing their IRA Company should be avoided. 

This is because experience has shown how such companies are more about making sales than ensuring their clients enjoy what investment in Gold or silver IRA has to offer them. This is why you are strongly advised to avoid such companies. 

And for the sake of setting the record straight, there are ways salespersons can market their services effectively without being pushy. This is something that salespersons of some top-rated precious metal IRA companies understand and apply. For more on this subject, you can read this article

A Company That Can Not Be Taken By Its Word 

A good gold and silver IRA service provider must have their money where their mouth is. This simply means that they need to be trustworthy. When they say something, they should do as said. You are advised to stay away from companies that cannot or do not play by this rule. One of the noticeably straightforward signs that a company is this way is how they handle deliveries. 

There is supposed to be a delivery time frame for your precious metal orders. This can be 14 days or less depending on the investment service provider's practices. One that has a habit of promising to deliver within a timeframe and does not do as told should be avoided. This is a red flag and experience has shown how such service providers even do worse in other areas. For instance, such service providers are fond of using deceptive introductory charges. 

The point being made here is how a gold and silver IRA company needs to be integrity-driven. Precious metal companies that are not this way should be avoided at all costs. This is regardless of the mouthwatering offers that they promise. This is usually just done to lure unsuspecting prospective clients, so you should not fall for their tricks. 


A large part of finding out if a gold or silver IRA company is good enough has to do with consulting the right review platform. By doing this, you gain insight into what they are all about in the real sense of things. 

One of the things you should look out for is how organized they are. This is because a service provider that lacks a sense of organization cannot live up to expectations when organizing your precious metal investment portfolio under the IRA scheme. 

Speaking of how to tell whether a company is organized or not, here is one sign to note. A company that sends the wrong precious metal orders is not organized. This has nothing to do with the number of account holders in their book. It is simply what it is – a lack of organization and this is a red flag. 

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Overpriced Investment Assets 

Some people take note of administrative charges in their bid to work with a cost-effective service provider. This is good but there is more to a service provider that is reasonable in terms of charges. 

One of the things you should pay attention to is the price of their assets. This is whether it is IRS approved - coins, bullion, and other permitted precious metal assets. 

The reason is that some service providers offer administrative charges that are cheap, but they take it out on clients with the prices of these assets. This is because the assets can be overpriced, and this makes investment in precious metals difficult for account holders. 


A large part of finding out the right gold and silver IRA company has to do with consulting the right platforms for reviews. However, you need to make sure the platforms you consult for this purpose are unbiased and very analytical. 

There are a couple of them out there. You can see this Rosland Capital review to understand what we mean by an unbiased and analytical review. This is considering how the highs and lows of the company are spoken about for precious metals IRA investments. 

This article has discussed some red flags that suggest a gold and silver IRA service provider is questionable. We advise that you make informed investment decisions by taking note of the details discussed here.

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