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The present political situation in Europe showed everyone that we live in uncertain times. Whenever tensions get heated, everyone turns to gold as a safe haven. It is the best choice to guard against inflation, and it is also usually the best option when wars are imminent or there is political upheaval. 

Before talks about modern politics were dinner table conversations, the United States was considered to be the biggest debtor in the world. That fact has been established since the current debt is approaching 30 trillion dollars. Click here to read more. 

When you owe someone money, there are two ways that you can get out of it. The first option is to pay for it, which is what everyone is supposed to do. The second option is to default on it, which is not recommended. If you do that, the repercussions are going to be severe, and your credit score will tank. However, there’s a third option that’s not possible for the individual. 

This one is much less known because only the state has the power to do it. The final resolution to debt is to inflate it away. Thanks to the current financial system, that solution is possible. If we used hard money that’s based on gold or other precious metals, then this option couldn’t be achieved. However, the Federal Reserve is printing money like crazy, thanks to the concept of fiat money. 

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Why Is Gold Better? 

No country wants to see its own financial system implode. The government can slide into default, and the economy could crash at any time. We’re all aware that the current financial system is a joke, and money is being created out of thin air or being taken from taxpayers. Follow this page to read more https://www.cnbc.com/2022/03/30/gold-markets-dollar-us-treasury-yields-russia-ukraine-talks.html 

Central banks that work under a regime that’s based on fiat currencies will do whatever it takes to avert a disaster. That’s exactly what happened in 2008 when the real estate crash put numerous banks out of business. Other policies apart from printing money include direct bailouts, monetizing the debt of the federal government, lowering interest rates, and injecting liquidity into the banking sector. 

If the world wasn’t used to inflation, then everyone would wreak havoc on their government the first time they saw it. The mechanisms for devaluing money have been trendy ever since Roman times, when emperors collected all of the gold coins, shaved a bit of the metal from the edges, and remelted them into more money. 

The debased coins would be used in the same manner, but their number would have increased. The net result ended up in inflation that completely ruined the Republic. Whenever monetization policies are introduced, they end with a disaster. 

Inflation in the modern world is the increase in the supply of credit and money. It doesn’t happen at once. Instead, it’s an ongoing process that’s silent and unnoticeable. First of all, the government starts going into debt that they can’t repay. 

Then, they start selling some papers like bonds to the central banks for more money, and they spend everything again. Whenever they run out of money, the Fed and central banks are there to keep up with the shopping spree. This could be an increased military budget, a healthcare proposition, new roads, or a bit of laundering and theft. In any case, the end result translates to increased prices, just like we’re seeing today. 

One of the most popular Board members of the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke, noted that gold and dollars were valuable because they were limited in their supply. However, in modern times, the Fed got their hands on a printing press that creates money with zero cost. 

It is a money machine that increases the number of dollars and reduces the value while increasing the price of services and goods. His statements caused a lot of stir when he first spoke out, and then he became chairman and did the precise thing he warned everyone about. 

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Can Gold Beat Inflation? 

Gold is the absolute best hedge against inflation, deflation, and pretty much any other financial instability in the world. Whenever this process starts, it’s important to look at a few different examples. First of all, every measure that the government takes can fail when it comes to kick-starting the economy. 

Individuals and businesses become scared to spend their money or borrow it from the banks. This forces a lot of businesses to shut down, which makes the unemployment rate rise to enormous levels. 

Soon after that, there are going to be bankruptcies, and deflation starts to kick in. Another option is that the current price increases continue to slowly move on. 

Every financial institution starts to struggle, businesses start to close down even though the rates are moderate, unemployment rates stay the same, and the Fed keeps printing more money. This turn of events is a disinflation. 

Next on the list is stagflation which combines the worst of deflation and inflation. Prices will increase into double digits, and unemployment rates will mimic them. There’s either going to be a massive crash or a blow-off. The Fed won’t know whether to combat the inflation rates or promote business growth. In all of these cases, the results are complicated and notoriously bad. However, there is some good news. 

Gold will be there to protect you no matter what dark cloud decides to rain on the economy. Owning this metal keeps you safe in every possible outcome. For example, in deflation, all prices will start to fall, while the price of gold will remain the same. 

That’s the main definition that you read in the economic textbooks. However, in reality, the price of gold increases during that time because there was a much higher demand for it. The same thing happened during the 1930s in the United States, and it was confirmed again in 2008 when the entire real estate sector started to melt along with the banks that were giving too many loans. 

In the case of inflation, all prices grow, but precious metals are in the lead at all times. This creates a natural hedge, and there are no economists that can dispute that claim. Even in the worst-case scenario, which is hyperinflation, gold stays above all other monetary forms. 

For example, in the year 1922, before Germany entered the hyperinflationary state, a single ounce was worth 87 German marks. A year after that, that same ounce was worth 63 trillion German marks. It doesn’t matter what comes next. Precious metals will be there to protect. 

Which Company Should You Choose To Invest In? 

Finding a great dealer should be your top priority. However, times like these are usually accompanied by plenty of scammers that are trying to make a quick buck from savvy investors that care about their future. That is why it would be best to find companies that have been around for decades. 

That’s a sure sign that the company isn’t trying to make massive profits and exploit investors. Companies like Goldco that have an established reputation are a good place to start. You can learn more about their company and decide. Apart from that, you can also check reviews online that will tell you exactly what to expect. 

During the research process, start by reading the negative reviews first. Some companies employ tactics that try to shadow the negative comments by overflowing their feed with positive ones. 


Finally, make sure to give the Goldco company a call and ask questions. You  would probably want to find a broker that’s always there for you and acts like a friend in times that are full of stress. Always choose the physical products instead of the paper-based ones like ETFs and certificates because of liquidity and the overall benefits of storing them yourself. If you plan to keep all of your gold at home, it would be wise to invest in a safe that’s made out of metal.

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