Industries That Benefit From Predictive Dialer Solutions

industries benefiting from predictive dialer solutions phone dialing

The functionality of the call center is represented by several dialing modes. Each of them allows you to improve the performance of the company, increase the performance in this area of services, and, in general, have a significant impact on the final result of the project. By choosing the predictive dialer solutions, you can increase the contact rate and the efficiency of the cold calling team. 

Making the best decision when choosing a scenario for launching an outbound calling company, can dramatically affect the success of its implementation. The success of the call and the company is determined depending on the goals and objectives set. 

Outgoing calls campaigns are used to solve the following tasks: 

- Processing the flow of orders (online store, service requests, claims, etc.) 
- Processing the flow of call back requests 
- –†rocessing of the call list (advertising calls, market research, cold calling). 

Key Benefits Of Predictive Dialer Solutions 

The first advantage of predictive dialing is that it simultaneously dials several numbers to a group of operators and connects only to the answered caller. All the operator needs to do is preconfigure the appropriate logic for a particular campaign. 

More Advantages Of Predictive Dialer Solutions 

- let your team make the largest number of calls and fully occupy all employees of the organization, which increases the timing of the project (timing of calls) and without increasing the number of team members; 

- increased productivity of agents and reduction of manual dialing; 

- increase in the number of contacts; 

- ability to listen to calls in real time (with real-time call monitoring feature); 

- database management and configurable redialing rules; 

- blended campaign capabilities (blended inbound and outbound calls for the same agent team). 

You can say that the predictive dialer software solution frees operators from manual calling, and in such areas as: cold calls, answering incoming requests from the site, and auto-informing. It means that with the predictive dialer, operators don't make calls, but stay on the line for a dialogue with the responding customer. Because the dialer saves operators from ringing and undialing, it will increase the productivity of your company's call center several times over. 

Predictive Mechanism 

The dialer's predictiveness is ensured by the fact that it uses an intelligent algorithm to predict the exact moment when the operator will be free and able to take the next call. Predicting each operator's workload, the predictive dialer automatically recruits the right number of contacts at the right time. It turns out that operators are always busy, always on the phone. And clients do not wait in line - as soon as they answer the call, the dialer connects them to the specialist. 

Key Metrics 

In the predictive, or in other words, predictive mode, the speed dialer constantly keeps statistics. These are the very parameters on which the dialer predicts how many and when operators are available, and therefore, when and how many contacts should be called. 

● Average time per call per operator in one project 
● Average time of filling in the client card by one operator 
● Average time of answering a call by a dialer 
● Percentage of calls to clients in one project 

This and other parameters help the system to predict how many operators and at what moment they will be free, to minimize situations when a person answers, but there is no free operator. 

Who Uses Predictive Dialing? 

Predictive dialers are the most common way to dial a large base of numbers. Successful industries that use this solution include: 

● Real Estate 

Predictive dialing helps specialists of agencies stand out among competitors in the real estate dialer market. 

● Telemarketing 

Mentioned dialer generates a large number of contacts during cold calls, it also helps to avoid unanswered calls, thus increasing telemarketers' sales. 

● Financial And Banking Industry 

Ideally, all financial institutions use predictive dialing. It helps specialists create an automated customer service system. 

● Insurers 

The secret is how to reach people without landlines and sell as many of your services as possible. 

● Debt Collection 

Debt collection is a process that depends solely on accurate dialing and readily available information. A debt collector will not do their job if they dial the numbers manually. That's why the industry makes extensive use of predictive dialing. 


To summarize, we want to highlight one more thing: The use of the best predictive dialer systems by the mentioned industries is an unprecedented tool for achieving important business goals and generating promising profits. 

Choose a predictive dialer solution by VoIPTime Contact Center, and then your business will be among the top and your customer experience will exceed all expectations.

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