What Makes A Premium Watch Hold Its Value?

what makes a premium watch hold its value rolex high resale price luxury watches

It is hard to predict how the market will behave in the future, but if you look into the past, you will find that some things still hold a great deal of value. Similar is the case with luxury watches. We have some big brands like Rolex, which have a high resale value, and you can get a good sum of money for that brand of watch. No matter what edition it is, you can get a loan on it with ease. Luxury watches also hold value very well, and this is why they are considered an excellent investment compared to other jewelry options. 

So next time you are investing in any watch, you must consider a few things before as it can come in handy in determining the resale value. It can help you in your tough times when you need money desperately. 

So, the question here for lux watches is: 

What Makes A Premium Watch Hold Its Value? Top 4 Factors For Luxury Watches 

If you are investing in a luxury watch, then be sure that it is not just an accessory; it can be your route to profit in the future. Collectors make plenty of money with their collections. So, if you are buying a brand that holds value, you can be sure you will earn good money out of it. 

So, why do some watches have more value and other timepieces don't? Here are 4 reasons for luxury watches maintaining or increasing their value.

1. Purpose-Built Timepieces 

Purpose-built watches hold values as compared to general-purpose timepieces. If you say which is the most iconic watch globally, it's Rolex Submariner because of its dive feature. But not all people who love diving will not invest in this watch. Today there are plenty of pretty good options available for the divers. They have advanced watches that have digital features like dive alarms, so for them, an automatic wristwatch is a backup system that is expensive and holds the value whether or not they are being used for that purpose. So why do people love submariners? It's because the watch is beautiful and is a heritage. 

Other popular timepieces are racing watches, pilot's watches, and other tools incorporated in watches. These watches have more characters than simple watches, and this is what makes them apart from others. You are also going to get a Loan on Watch, which is purpose-built. 

2. Rare Timepieces 

We all know how much value rare timepieces hold; So a rare watch will always hold a value no matter what quality type it is. Some rare coins are worth a million, so there is no surprise how much worth you are a timepiece might be having. If you have a Rolex watch that is rare, you can earn millions from it. Rolex has one-of-a-kind pieces, and if you have them, you have a fortune in your hands. Collectors always have an eye on such bargains with short supplies. So next time, go for a quality manufacturer selling limited editions as they will always hold the value. The value is going to increase with time because rare is rare. 

3. Unique Look 

Unique is a value, and everyone likes unique things, whether a watch or any other item. A unique watch will always catch attention, the one with a rare dial or color that you don't usually find. Some models also have a unique compilation of features like painted moon phase. Even if you have a plain watch but with an unusual design, it will have some value in the market. Watch collectors are always looking for unique watches to add to their collection. Also, if your watch has rotating bezels, a display case, or any other pretty accessories, it will enhance the value of your timepiece. The uniqueness speaks for it. 

4. Quality Brand 

When it comes to watches, a brand is something that cannot be ignored. The brand speaks for itself like Rolex. If someone says they have a Rolex, it means value. Buying a Rolex watch is an investment, whether it's a classic piece or a 2021 model. Other brands like Audemars Piquet, Patek Philippe, and several other premium brands offer quality to their customers. Brand identity is what identifies the quality of the luxury watch. So if your watch has those famous logos in them, you can take advantage of that. It doesn't matter what model it is, as every model holds value in the market if it's branded. 


So, instead of buying regular brands, go with luxury watches that have an identity in the market. You will need to pay the extra money, but imagine its resale value or the amount of Loan on Watch you will get in the future. To know more about the resale value and in which brand you must invest, visit Diamond Banc. Also, know which brand has the best future resale value in the market.

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