Guide To Cryptocurrency Trading Bots

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Cryptocurrency has recently become one of the most common modes of earning. They may prove to be an easy source of income, yet they end up taking a lot of time and energy to plan strategies, study different market trends, and keep up with ongoing and upcoming changes. To cater for this, cryptobots have been introduced. 

What Are Crypto Bots? 

Generally, Crypto Trading Bots are used to place orders on behalf of the trader. They need to be programmed according to the user’s desires. For instance, you can input your choice of strategies, assets, markets, and frequency. Why Crypto Bots? The following are the primary benefits of using such automated software: 

1. They Are Swift 

The success rate between a cryptocurrency trade made by a bot and one made by hand is usually 1 in 50. 

2. They Remove The Option For Human Error 

As they are AI-operated, they naturally outsmart human intelligence. 

3. They Are Active 24/7 

By using additional tools, you can actually make money in your sleep! 

4. They Bear The Lesser Impact Of Market Volatility 

Humans might get overwhelmed by the ongoing rapid price movement of an asset, but the AI keeps it under check and uses it to your advantage. Programs purchase assets at low prices and sell them at higher prices between markets. 

5. They Help You Make Better Decisions 

They are used to analyze market trends and warn users about possible risks, which helps them make better decisions. 

6. Get High Returns On Low Amounts 

While using bots, you don’t need a high principal amount to generate high returns. This is because of the rapid pace at which it is capable of trading. 

7. Saves Time 

Traders are expected to follow market trends 24/7, which is not humanly possible. Software can be used in their place instead. Further, each trade requires a lot of strategizing and market study, which can take hours, whereas programs conduct such operations in seconds. 

How Do Crypto Bots Work? 

The programs tend to directly interact with the financial exchanges on their clients' behalf. This is to place and sell orders vigorously. 

They need to decide when to buy or sell an asset every passing minute based on market conditions, and price fluctuations, along with the predefined set of instructions and rules input by their client. 

The software can work through a variety of mediums, including browser plugins, OS clients, and trading servers. They are often also infused in some cryptocurrency exchange software. 

Crypto Bot Strategies 

For bots to trade according to their clients' preferences, their user needs to input relevant instructions or program the required codes. A few of the common strategies are enumerated below: 

● Momentum Trading 

Under this strategy, the investor judges a market based on the direction in which an asset’s price is changing. The common belief regarding prices is that they hike above their average but soon lose momentum and fall. The catch is that you must use this shift to your advantage by carefully choosing when to buy in and sell out. 

● Naive Bayes 

This strategy uses machine learning to predict upcoming events. The user needs to input relevant codes for the bot to predict the possibility of certain changes in the market. This helps the user decide the entry and exit times for trading a particular asset. 

● Arbitrage 

Cryptocurrencies are exchanged in numerous markets at the same time. They also have different prices in each market due to constant price fluctuations. Users program their bots to take advantage of this by making use of their capability of making trades with high frequency. The programs buy assets at lower prices in one market and sell them at a relatively high price in another. Rapid, similar trades lead the user to earn hefty amounts. 

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Crypto Bot Types 

There are several types of trading bots, including the following: 

● Market Trading Bots 

These programs place both buy and sell orders to profit from the bid-ask spread. For example, if Bitcoin is priced at $10,000, the bot would place an order at $9999, and then sell the order at $10,001. 

If both are filled, then it leaves the trader with a $2 profit on every trade of BTC. The rapid pace at which they are capable of making trades helps them make huge gains. 

● Portfolio Automation Bots 

This type focuses mainly on creating, obtaining, and maintaining their desired portfolio instead of making active trades. The sole reason for using this type of bot is to automate redundant, mundane tasks. 

● Technical Trading Bots 

This is one of the most popular and widely used bots on the market. They use indicators and signals to predict future price trends in the market. This helps the user make an informed decision regarding their upcoming buys and sells, maximizing their profit and minimizing their loss. 

Crypto Conclusion 

Cryptocurrency trading can be extremely exhausting and time-consuming, so cryptobots are a massive help. They have a huge variety to choose from and even let you code in your own preferred strategies. They are available both for sale and for rent. Some sites also let traders use some features for free. 

Lastly, such programs are not one size fits all, you need to test your types and strategies, along with your assets and markets, to choose your best option.

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