How To Optimize A Business Website For Mobile-First Marketing

how to optimize business website mobile-first marketing

The number of people accessing the web through mobile phones is more than those accessing it through computers, whether they are just looking for information or want to access tools like online certificate makers. 

Because of the increased number of mobile users, most businesses are optimizing their websites to be mobile-friendly. So if you don't want to lose many users, optimize your website for mobile. 

Optimizing a website for mobile means that even with smaller screens, your website should look amazing. It should be able to load faster, and one can navigate and interact with it easily. You should also incorporate a website chat mobile app in your website to allow your audience to engage with you on their phones. If your website can work this way, it should look fantastic on a desktop or laptop screen. 

Here are some of the ways you can optimize your website for mobile: 

By Testing Your Website Using A Mobile-Friendly Tool 

Before taking further action, it is important to check how your website is doing regarding mobile friendliness to know where you need to work and adjust. Checking its usability will also give you ideas on how to make improvements. 

You can do this by using your site on several different devices and comparing how it behaves. You should also access your site using your smartphone, see its appearance, and try its usability. 

After doing that, you can go deeper and use a mobile-friendly test tool. Don't worry if you can't purchase one because Google offers a free tool to test your website. 

By Choosing Responsive Themes And Plugins 

Regardless of the website creation platform, you are using; if you don't choose your plugins and themes well, your site will not be in good shape. You can easily create a responsive website using WordPress. This is one of the biggest advantages of using WordPress websites. 

Most themes are mobile-friendly, and you can check out its demo before launching it, giving you a preview of how your website looks on smaller screens. 

As a general rule, using too many plugins or excessive code can slow down your website. Some key plugins will allow you to speed up your website though or at least prioritize which parts of your site loads first.

By Testing Your Website's Core Web Vitals 

Google added a search algorithm called Core Web Vitals- metrics providing insights into the overall user experience. There are three Core Web Vitals: 

- Largest Contentful Paint 
- First Input Delay 
- Cumulative Layout Shift 

The Core Website Vitals will measure the speed of your website. They also directly your SEO and page ranking. Google offers a free to check your website's Core Web Vitals called Page Speed insight tool. 

By Improving Your Site's Loading Times 

Mobile users are many, and you don't want a high bounce rate which is only achievable when you have a fast-loading website. By testing your website's Core Web Vital, you will have an idea of how long it takes to load, which you can then use to improve your site's loading time and performance. 

By Redesigning Your Pop-Ups For Mobile Devices 

Pop-ups are great for grabbing a visitor's attention on your website. However, they can negatively impact the mobile experience as they can be more disruptive due to the small space on phones. 

That is why Google laid down a set of rules to ensure the pop-ups don't affect the user experience, especially those using mobile phones. 

So when redesigning your pop-ups, ensure you adhere to Google's recommendations. 

Choosing A Reliable Web Host 

The first step to developing a great site is to choose a reliable web host. Choose a host that offers the speed and resources you need for your website because your site will definitely perform poorly if you don't. 


There are more mobile users than computer users who crawl websites daily. And therefore, as a business, you should ensure your website is optimized for mobile to get more leads.

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