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As you may know, I have mostly been a social media evangelist, even in 2024 after all the recent fallout within the industry. Social media companies and many users have gotten a bad name since 2015 after the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook psychological experiments, Russian trolls, election interference, political biases, data sales, hacks, Chinese data theft and psyops via TikTok, Elon Musk X takeover, and countless other SMM disasters. Once big corporations and scammers found out that social media was big business and here to stay, they shifted significant resources to poisoning, weaponizing, and manipulating it for their own gain. I have cut back substantially on my social media use, and openly criticize the industry now, but I still find uses for it and believe it can be used positively by many if they do it right. Social selling and SMM are still essential for optimal business success and building a personal brand to the highest level possible.

I have been using social media in business since MySpace in 2004 and AOL Instant Messenger, chat rooms, forums, message boards, blogs, and email since 1999 prior to that to sell products and services. That means Mike Schiemer has been active on social media for 20 years and actively online for 25 years. I know what it takes to sell on social regardless of what platforms are popular, or even what the product or service is (including a personal brand). Social media platforms come and go but the recipe for success with SMM is pretty much constant. Over the last decade social media marketing has really come into its own and I continue to expand my digital presence in a field that usually evolves weekly. 

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Have you ever bought something after seeing it on social media? Maybe a celebrity was endorsing a product, or an influencer, or an ad that you saw. Perhaps an athlete or author that you admire was pitching something on Instagram. Be honest because I know all about social media user and consumer behavior! The answer is yes you probably have, because SMM and influencer marketing do work like any other marketing technique.

If you aren't leveraging these valuable social media marketing platforms and growing your following like I am, you are at a disadvantage in today's business landscape. Social media marketing also happens to be one of the most versatile and affordable forms of business marketing. When you become a social media influencer or reputable brand on social networks, you are able to establish further trust with consumers. SMM also allows you to generate leads, increase sales, and even boost SEO. Social media is really as powerful as ever, even though much of the influence has shifted from Facebook to TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram.

As a veteran social media influencer and micro-influencer (and at times nano-influencer), I hope you will join me in expanding the reach and profits of your business with social media marketing. It is a lot more beneficial when you become part of a social business group, especially when it comes to more isolated professions like digital marketing or entrepreneurship. And if you want 20 years of experience with social media marketing concentrated into one SMM influencer, I am the man you want to follow on social networks.

On my social media platforms I share my thoughts and experiences on all things digital marketing, entrepreneurship, bootstrapping, small business, SEO, and frugality among a variety of other topics. I also share industry insights and news from a variety of expert partners in the social media, marketing, branding, advertising, finance, tech, and entrepreneurial spaces.

I cordially invite you to connect with me on all of these social media platforms @MikeSchiemer #BootstrapBusiness or on these specific platforms below. Some of them are social media pages while others are forums, blogging platforms, or community accounts. I look forward to your connection requests, comments, subscriptions, shares, follows, and likes in 2024! 

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Please note that some of these social media profiles are created simply to protect my Username, personal brand, and my actual name from imposters and impersonators. Yes it has actually happened many times on multiple platforms for over 20 years now. It hasn't happened as much recently since my profiles and images are mostly verified and confirmed by SEO results, but it does occur. I even found a recent Facebook profile that has been impersonating me to recruit people into a scam since early 2024, although it has been silenced for months. It was reported but not removed, which is pretty sad on Meta's side since I have been a power user and recruiter since 2005. I have survived fake account reports, spam reports, impersonating profiles, Facebook jail, Facebook suspensions, blacklists, shadowbanning, and much more from Meta and other platforms. 

Profiles on any social network are not indicative of any values and relation to members present on these social or forum platforms, and I do not support hate speech, violence, bigotry, or discrimination in any form. For example, I am not on Truth Social or Parler currently with profiles (if you see any fake accounts, please report them and let me know). This is not necessarily because I am a liberal, but because I find those platforms mostly useless and unnecessarily hateful in their content. It is not a smart social network to promote your business on because the platforms themselves can't even run a profitable business.

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We all know that social media marketing is crucial for your company's success, and SMM is getting more essential with each passing month. Social selling isn't as simple and easy as it used to be though, with most people experiencing declining organic reach combined with increased ad prices. It takes social selling strategy to effectively market your business on these marketing platforms. That is why my social media content helps teach you just that.

Keep in mind these are just my main Mike Schiemer accounts. I also have separate Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, formerly on Google+ until the bitter end, TikTok and social media pages for many of my various products, brands, and services. At one point I was working on getting on Hive Social and Clubhouse as well soon, but there are only so many hours in the day for social media marketing and social networking.

I also manage several communities including several Facebook and LinkedIn Groups that I have built from scratch. 

Of course I also manage a plethora of other social media accounts for my employers, sponsors, clients, and business partners. 

I don't currently utilize Periscope for business very often and I am on WhatsApp but not very active at the moment in 2024 or entering 2025. 

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I hope you enjoyed this brief trip down social media memory lane and that you will connect with me on most of these useful social media platforms. I am looking forward to it. Follow the leader!

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